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WATCH: Marty Stuart and Waylon Jennings Jam in Vintage Video

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Robert Knight Archive/Redferns via Getty Images)

Today, just about everyone has a camera as well as a platform on which to share photos and videos. At the same time, we get to witness many of our favorite stars’ lives unfold before us. Many of us joke that we’re glad that wasn’t the case when we were young. We can hide our youthful antics safely away in our memories. However, it’s hard to imagine all of the great moments we could have witnessed if social media was around back in the 70s and 80s or before. Luckily, Marty Stuart was one of the few people who kept a video camera on hand at all times back in the day.

If he wasn’t so keen on keeping a video archive of his life and travels we wouldn’t have things like the video below. Marty Stuart shared the impromptu jam session video on his Instagram earlier this week. The video shows him and Waylon Jennings playing “Waymore’s Blues,” together. The caption of the post reveals that Stuart has a vast collection of home movies like this one. Additionally, he talks a little about the clip.

The video starts with a title card that gives some information about the clip. Marty Stuart shot the video on September 2, 1991, in Clarkston, Michigan.

In the caption, Marty Stuart reveals that he started carrying a video camera with him in the late eighties. He says he wanted to capture life on the road and in the studio as well as at home or in any other place he thought was worth recording. He donated his entire video archive to the Library of Congres back in 2016. Then, they digitized it and handed it over to Stuart’s Congress of Country Music.

Why Marty Stuart Shared The Video

In the caption, Marty Stuart took some time to discuss why he decided to share the video. Back in March, Stuart announced his latest acoustic project called Songs I Sing in the Dark. That album will contain 20 tracks. Starting in March, Stuart began releasing one song from the album every month. This month’s release is Marty’s cover of Waylon Jennings’ “This Time.”

That song, Marty Stuart said, made him think about Waylon Jennings. So, he decided to dig through his video archive to see if he had any footage of Hoss. Traci Todd, the archivist for the Congress of Country Music, found this video of Stuart and Jennings jamming in a dressing room.

Marty Stuart added that moments like this one seemed important at the time. However, that importance has grown with age. Today, Stuart says that this clip and the moment it captured is “no less than a precious treasure.” I couldn’t agree more.