WATCH: Midland’s Luke Cutchen Absolutely Shreds During NASCAR Performance

by Lauren Boisvert

Midland recently did a performance at NASCAR‘s Circuit of the Americas race in Austin, Texas, and the band, which hails from Dripping Springs, Texas, definitely brought out all the stops for its home state. One stop, in particular, came in the form of guitarist Luke Cutchen, who absolutely shredded on stage with the band.

The band’s official Instagram posted a video of Midland performing, with Cutchen taking center stage. His talent is evident; he goes absolutely wild, and fans were loving it in the comments of the video. The caption reads, “Someone grab some water, [Luke Cutchen] is on fire!”

Midland starts their Last Resort Tour on April 1 in Reno, Nevada and goes until April 9 in Bakersfield, California. They then play a few festivals, such as Stagecoach 2022 in Indio, California, before heading abroad for their European and UK Tours. They’re back on the festival circuit in June, playing UFO Fest in Roswell, New Mexico, and Under the Big Sky Festival in Whitefish, Montana. Their last tour date is in Colorado on October 22 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. So, definitely a big tour season for Midland.

They totally rocked COTA the weekend of March 27, bringing their signature style and unique, neotraditional country sound. Luke Cutchen showed up and showed out, and the race wasn’t bad, either. Midland entertained the masses pre-race, though, and it looks like COTA and NASCAR were dedicated to creating a memorable fan experience this time around.

Midland Killed Their NASCAR Performance, Showing Perfect Chemistry

The band has been in the game since 2016, after members Jess Carson, Mark Wystrach, and Cameron Duddy were all working on solo projects. They came together and recorded a few songs at Sonic Ranch, and documented the entire process.

“We didn’t really have any designs after that. It was just, let’s just go and record these songs,” Cameron Duddy has said of Midland’s first moments. They spent 10 wild days in the studio, and by the end of it, knew they were meant to be a band. Duddy has previously described what it was like for them, saying, “Talk about these kind of life-changing experiences. For me, it’s like getting married, having a child and this Sonic Ranch session. I can still remember the feeling. It’s palpable. It’s totally three-dimensional for me, you know.”

Midland released the Sonic Ranch documentary last year, which documented their first recording session. Now, on May 6, they’re dropping a new album titled “The Last Resort: Greetings From.” The tour should be unbeatable, as it always is; Midland not only includes the trio, but a 7-piece touring band. Midland aims to get fans lost in the music, and if master shredder Luke Cutchen is there, fans are definitely going to go wild. The band has clearly had a great couple of years, with more on the way.