WATCH: Miranda Lambert Breaks Down in Tears Mid-Song After Seeing Soldier’s Sign at 2016 Show

by Clayton Edwards

It’s almost impossible not to have an emotional reaction to “The House That Built Me.” It’s such a moving track. The depth of feeling that Miranda Lambert injects into the song while performing it makes it that much harder to keep your eyes dry until the song ends. She is even known to get a little choked up during live performances of the song. That’s what good music does, though. It hits you deep in your heart and stirs emotions. At a 2016 show, Lambert was moved to tears by a fan’s sign while performing the heart-wrenching hit.

It isn’t unusual for fans to hold up signs at concerts. Some are messages of love for the artists. Others are song requests. This one was a little different. During a 2016 show in Hartford, Connecticut, Miranda Lambert stepped up to the mic to sing “The House That Built Me.” She got part-way through the first verse, and her emotional connection to the song was already evident. After the lyric, “You don’t know me from Adam,” she looks to someone near the front and asks “Really?” The tears were already flowing.

At this point, she brings the fan’s sign on stage with her to share with the audience. The sign, written and held by an American veteran said, “3 Combat Tours. Your voice was the last thing I heard every night. Thank You.”

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Miranda Lambert Couldn’t Finish the Song

The soldier’s sign touched Miranda Lambert so deeply that she could hardly finish the song. She tried to compose herself and stepped away from the mic to get a drink. When she tried to start the second verse, the tears wouldn’t stop. Luckily, the crowd had her back. They sang the song to her in unison. She stood, tears still in her eyes, smiling at the crowd as they serenaded her. Even on a fan’s video, years later, you can almost feel the emotional connection between Lambert and her fans.

No, I’m not crying. The pollen is just really high. It’s dusty in here and there’s something in my eye.

After a bit, Miranda Lambert can fight back her emotions enough to sing along with the crowd. However, she still falters a little. It’s an emotional song to start with and coupled with the moment she shared with not only the veteran but also the rest of the crowd, it’s no wonder she was emotionally raw by the time the song came to a close.