WATCH: Miranda Lambert Brings Summer Party Vibes in ‘Tequila Does’ Remix Music Video

by Katie Maloney

Miranda Lambert is serving all the summer vibes we ever needed in her new “Tequila Does” remix music video.

Miranda Lambert starts off the video wearing a pink gingham swim cover-up and rainbow glasses. She then changes into a gradient pink fringe tank top, denim shorts, and bright pink cowboy boots. The video opens with several people wearing gorgeously bright colored and patterned clothing. They’re sitting in lawn chairs and in trailers. But they look bored as they try to pass the time playing cards and sunbathing. Then a bright red pickup truck pulls up and out jumps a Hawaiin shirt-wearing man holding several tequila bottles. He’s here to save the day! He quickly starts serving up cocktails to all the happy guests.

Miranda Lambert grabs a tray of tequila shots and heads over towards the pier by the water. There, three very attractive, and very ripped men, apply tanning oil. Wonderfully, Brendan McLoughlin, Lambert’s husband, is one of those men. And now we understand (even more) just why Lambert is head over heels for McLoughlin. His abs speak for themselves!

The men join Lambert for a ride back to the party where they all dance and drink by the pool. As the day fades, party-goers turn on the string lights and light the bonfires. Miranda Lambert changes again. This time, she wears a rhinestone bralette, a tied-up denim top, a denim fringe skirt, and a bright pink cowboy hat. She even wears sequin stickers by her eyes. The group swings at a tequila bottle piñata. By this time, everyone at the party is blissfully buzzed and dancing by or in the pool. Between the colorful clothes, the dancing, and the cocktails, this is a party we wish we were invited to. The video even ends with a cute kiss between Miranda Lambert and hubby Brendan McLoughlin.

How Are Fans Responding to Miranda Lambert’s New Music Video?

There are actually three versions of Miranda Lambert’s “Tequila Does.” The original version, written by Lambert along with Jon Randall and Jack Ingram, appears on her 2019 Wildcard album. Another version of the song appears on her 2021 The Marfa Tapes project. And now, this fun, upbeat remix version is acting as the soundtrack for our summers.

So, how are fans feeling about this most recent version of the song? Well, the video has only been out for a day and fans are already loving it.

One fan commented on the YouTube video, “What a fun video! Love that her husband and dogs are included in the video. Miranda is beautiful as always! And can just talk about those Pink cowgirl boots… love, love, love!”

Another fan celebrated Lambert for casting her “smoke-show” husband in the video.

“They wrote, “Shout-out for casting your smoke-show of a husband in this music video! Baller move.”