WATCH: Miranda Lambert Crushes The Chicks’ ‘Goodbye Earl’ With Lindsey Ell Following Long Rain Delay

by Samantha Whidden

Following a long rain delay at the Minnesota State Fair last month, country superstar Miranda Lambert took to the stage with Lindsay Ell to perform the hit single “Goodbye Early” by The Chicks. 

Upon taking the stage, Miranda declared, “Well, because of the rain and all the uh, bull–, we didn’t get to see Miss Lindsay Ell tonight. So, she’s gonna come out here and sing a song with us if y’all don’t mind. Girls, you’re gonna like this one and I want you to sing along.”

“Goodbye Earl” was released in February 2000 and was recorded by The Chicks for their fifth studio album, Fly. The song peaked at #13 on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles & Tracks. Miranda Lambert previously performed the single in 2018 with Little Big Town.

Miranda Lambert previously spoke about The Chicks. She even stated at one point in time she wanted to be The Chicks for the next generations. “To put it simply, I want to write and make music that moves people,” Lambert told Taste of Country in 2018. “To give them the freedom to be who they are. I want to kick those doors open.”

Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Being A Little ‘Too Honest’ When It Comes To Songwriting 

During her 2019 interview with the New York Times, Miranda Lambert revealed why she comes off a little too honest when it comes to writing her songs. “I don’t mean to upset people. I’m maybe a little too honest,” Miranda Lambert stated. “I think [my sarcasm] came gradually. I’ve evolved into being OK making fun of myself.”

Miranda then admitted that she took herself really seriously when she was in her 20s because she was so driven. “This is all I’ve ever chased, country music. And a few men.”

Miranda Lambert also discussed why female country singers are unable to get their songs on the radio. But they have made much better records than men in the past few years. “You do have a different approach because that is it,” Lambert explained. She mentioned her album “The Weight on These Wings” and how she was unable to get any singles on the charts to save her life.

“But I won song of the year [for “Tin Man” at the 2018 ACM Awards]. I already had that mentality. Because my relationship with radio has been tumultuous.”

Miranda then admitted that she didn’t even have a Top 5 song until her third record. “I had platinum albums and I was winning awards. I just couldn’t get played on the radio. It sucks.”

In regards to what she’s really going for in terms of songwriting, Miranda Lambert goes on to add, “My goal is get better at writing amazing stories that aren’t my own. But I’ve got to live more life. And I’ve got to try way harder.”