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WATCH: Miranda Lambert, Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. Nail ‘Family Tradition’ Performance at Billy Bob’s Texas

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jon Morgan/CBS via Getty Images)

People from all around the country are moving to Texas. Over the last couple of years, it seems like everybody wants to pull up stakes and head to the Lone Star State. Those of us who already live in the South can see the draw of moving below the Mason-Dixon line. However, not all of us can understand why everyone is so hellbent on being a Texan. However, with shows like the one that took place at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth last weekend, it’s getting a little more clear. Imagine seeing two country music legends: Miranda Lambert and Hank Williams Jr., sharing a stage.

Kid Rock and Sam Williams, the son of Bocephus were also there. The four singers came together to nail an impromptu rendition of Hank Jr.’s “Family Tradition.” From a fan-shot video, it looked like everyone involved was having a great time.

At the beginning of the video, Hank Williams Jr. and Kid Rock are already sharing the stage. Then, they call up Miranda Lambert. When they do, Kid Rock introduces her as, “Miss Miranda Lambert, Texas hero.” Now, that’s a great, and accurate, intro.

During the performance of the classic song, Miranda Lambert, Hank Jr., Kid Rock, and Sam Williams traded vocals. They would each take verses or partial verses in turn. Bocephus headlined the event. However, during this song, his guests really stole the show.

Miranda Lambert sounded great belting out the autobiographical outlaw country classic. Her vocal talents are always top-notch. She’s taken home more ACM awards than any other artist for a reason. However, the real standout performance was Sam Williams. The young singer definitely inherited some of his dad and grandad’s talent. Seeing him belting out “Family Tradition,” with his dad’s arm around his shoulders is enough to give you chills.

Miranda Lambert Has Been Busy Lately

Miranda Lambert has been a busy woman over the last few months. She cut an acoustic album, The Marfa Tapes, which will drop early next month. The Texas native has been busy promoting that. At the same time, Lambert has been pumping out more music for her fans. Last week, she shared an acoustic version of her 2020 hit “Settling Down,” out of the blue.

It seems like the “Gunpowder and Lead,” singer was taking some well-deserved time to relax last weekend. In the video, it looks like Miranda Lambert was dressed for a night out. The on-stage collaboration didn’t seem planned. However, they came together and worked like a well-oiled machine. That’s just what happens when you combine some incredibly talented musicians, a classic song, and a receptive audience.