WATCH: Miranda Lambert Perform New Release ‘Geraldene’ With Jack Ingram and Jon Randall

by Anna Dunn

Miranda Lambert just killed it with her performance of her new song, Geraldene, on The Ellen Show. Lambert, alongside Jack Ingram and Jon Randall, performed the song from the upcoming album The Marfa Tapes. In the video, all three performers play guitars as Lambert sings the beautiful yet playful and catchy tune.

If the comments on the video of her performance are anything to go by, this song could be a total hit.

“This is amazing. I am really excited about this album. Very authentic country music. And the sass of this song. It’s like a Dolly song and Loretta song had a baby,” one person said.

“All their songs from this album are [fire]!! No studio, just raw and unfiltered. This is music!” Another commenter mentioned.

Geraldene definitely has some classic country vibes. Her voice sounds gritty in the track as she masterfully sings through the angry lyrics. Geraldene definitely plays off of and gets inspiration from Dolly Parton’s Jolene, and even references it in the lyrics when she says, “But you’re never gonna be Jolene.

Geraldene takes the concept of Jolene, a song where Parton begs a woman not to take her man, and goes her own way. Lambert instead flips that on its head, taunting Geraldene. In the song, Lambert is confident that this Geraldene character, who is trying to get with her partner, will be unsuccessful in her attempts.

While Geraldene definitely borrows from Jolene’s sound, it stands on its own. The unique way lambert sings “g-g-g-g- Geraldine” is refreshingly new. Her crisp rasp and her precise annunciation, which allow her Texas accent to really shine through, make this song very uniquely Miranda Lambert.

“This One’s a Fun One” She said in an instagram post surprising fans with the release of the song.

Miranda Lambert to Release ‘The Marfa Tapes’ Next Week

Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait long to hear more off of the album. Lambert is set to release The Marfa Tapes on May 7th. The album is supposed to be an authentic musical journey. No big studio, no fancy autotune. Just pure, stripped-down, country music.

On the album, you can hear the mistakes, voice cracks, missed notes, and instead of sounding unprofessional, it adds an authentic layer to the sound.

“You can hear the cows and the wind,” Lambert told Taste of Country, “In ‘Tequila Does’ you can hear the border patrol flying over,” She laughed, “It’s pretty funny; we looked up and were just laughing.”

The 15 track album was written by Lambert, Randall, and Ingram in the tiny town of Marfa, Texas. Last September, they went out there and brought her parents along.

“We were running over to my parents’ place, like little kids: ‘Wanna see our new song? We just wrote a great one,'” She said. Clearly, Lambert instilled Joy, fun, and authenticity into the heart of the album, and fans can’t wait to hear more.

You can watch the performance below