WATCH: Miranda Lambert Performs Track from ‘The Marfa Tapes’ Live on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’

by Katie Maloney

Can we talk about how flawless this performance is by Miranda Lambert?

So we all know that Miranda Lambert can release great music. Since she released her debut single “Me and Charlie Talking” in 2003, Miranda Lambert has consistently produced hit songs. But releasing incredible songs with the support of an entire studio and editing system isn’t nearly as impressive as an absolutely flawless live performance. And that is exactly what Miranda delivered on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Miranda Lambert performed alongside Jack Ingram and Jon Randall. They sang “In His Arms” from their new album, “The Marfa Tapes.” The entire performance is such high quality that it’s easy to forget it was live.

Miranda Lambert sings “In His Arms” from “The Marfa Tapes”

‘The Marfa Tapes’ Is A ‘Late Night Love Letter’ To Country Music

During the song, “In His Arms” Miranda Lambert sings about a man she briefly met and danced with years ago. She wishes she was in his arms and she wonders if he ever wishes the same. It’s a beautiful song about how fleeting yet powerful love can be. She sings, “Is he praying for rain, out in West Texas? Is he lost in the Marfa lights? Is he out there looking for me? Wishing I was in his arms tonight. I wish I was in his arms tonight.”

The song is raw, romantic and real – just like “The Marfa Tapes.” In fact, Pitchfork writers described the album perfectly when they wrote, “No genre romanticizes the art of songwriting like country music. and ‘The Marfa Tapes’ is a late-night love letter to its myth…They recorded these 15 songs by a ranch in the desert, documenting first takes, trading lead vocals, and figuring out harmonies. Between songs, they cracked jokes and reassured each other, poured shots and marveled at their surroundings.”

Miranda Lambert Felt Nervous About Releasing The Album

Even after flawless live performances, and rave reviews about the album, Miranda Lambert said that releasing an unedited album like “The Marfa Tapes” is “scary.” Miranda recently shared a video of herself playing her song “Tin Man” for “The Marfa Tapes” album. During the video, she sits on the back of a truck, with the wind blowing in her air as she sings and plays the guitar.

“It’s like we’re taking people on a really raw and intimate journey,” said Miranda during the video. “It’s scary, it’s risky. And it’s very very vulnerable to not have any fixes. Not have any production. To just let the wind blow and the birds and the cows, and kind of let it be.”

Well, we appreciate your vulnerability Miranda Lambert because we can’t stop listening to “The Marfa Tapes.”