WATCH: Miranda Lambert Previews Acoustic ‘Bluebird’ Performance for Holiday Special

by Quentin Blount

Country star Miranda Lambert posted a preview of the acoustic version of her No. 1 song “Bluebird” on social media on Saturday evening.

Lambert says that she will be performing “Bluebird” on CBS’s Home for the Holidays series.

“Sunday night! I’m performing “Bluebird” on #Home4Holidays, a TV special that shines on a light on the importance of foster care and adoption for kids 💙,” Lambert wrote on Twitter. “9:30pm ET / 9pm PT on @cbs and @cbsallaccess. See y’all tomorrow!”

Lambert’s hit song was also announced as the winner of Music Video of the Year at the CMAs. The official music video features Lambert in a blue, shimmering dress as she twirls in an old-fashioned birdcage in front of an audience. The video also goes back and forth between images of a bluebird and her “bird-like” dress. The video exemplifies blue with piercing background lights, costume design, and striking eye makeup.

Story Behind the Miranda Lambert Song

Lambert says that the hit song started after Luke Dick heard a quote from Charles Bukowski. 

“He was saying that he had a bluebird that he wouldn’t show anyone that it was this sort of guarded thing … I liked the image of it but wanted to change the idea,” Dick said. 

After a while, Dick ended up with the lyrics, “Turn a light on in my soul, keep a bluebird in my heart.”

Not long after, Miranda Lambert and Natalie Hemby heard the lyrics. They had a few consecutive nights to work and piece together something cohesive. By this point, “Bluebird” was well on its way to becoming a hit. 

“It felt like a very timely song, a very hopeful song. I loved the ’34 was bad, so I just turn to 35,'” Hemby said. 

Lambert said that it has been a while since having a song so special. And she’s right, her hit song is as timely as it is hopeful. She also says that all of her one-word records have done “magical things” for her, jokingly giving credit to her superstition.

Lambert’s hit song reflects on much more than just what she was facing at the time. It has also become a symbol of the mutual hardships we have all had to face given the circumstances of 2020. Speaking of which, here are the top ’90s country songs that helped get us through the year.

According to Dick, “Bluebird” is something “fragile” and “delicate,” but also a “symbol of hope” for people.

“2020 happens and it becomes a perspective for a lot of people … every time I hear it I get excited and I feel better,” Lambert said.