WATCH: Miranda Lambert Shows Off ‘Early Christmas Presents’ for Her Adorable Dogs

by Charles Craighill

Apparently, you aren’t supposed to spoil your kids… unless your kids are dogs. Earlier today, Miranda Lambert shared how she spoiled her dogs by giving them “early Christmas presents” on Twitter. In a video along with a string of photos, Lambert showed her dogs playing with their brand new dog toys from the MuttNation line available at Tractor Supply Company.

“Mu pups got their Christmas presents early,” she shares in the post. “A few of the new toys from the MuttNation line at Tractor Supply.”

The MuttNation line actually comes from Miranda Lambert’s own organization she founded in 2009. Lambert founded the organization due to her love for animals and dogs in particular. She founded it with her mother to ensure that as many dogs as possible could have a safe and happy place to call home.

Miranda Lambert’s love for dogs certainly hasn’t gone anywhere. Last year, when she married her current husband Brendan McLoughlin, Lambert made it abundantly clear the importance of love for animals. “I was like, ‘Hey, if you don’t like dogs, that’s kind of a deal-breaker,’” Lambert said according to “He actually loves the dogs to death.”

Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin currently own 9 rescue dogs by way of her foundation. Luckily for the family, all of the dogs loved McLoughlin as soon as he became part of their life. That feeling is definitely mutual.

Miranda Lambert: A Mutt Lovin’ Life

Especially since the start of quarantine, Miranda Lambert’s mutts have been a large part of her social media. At least outside of her busy music career. In fact, the mutts appear as often as her new husband. Well, they often appear together because McLoughlin loves the dogs as much as his wife. While quarantine has been a very difficult time for everyone, having a loving husband and 9 loving dogs in your house must make things a little bit easier. Well, more interesting at the very least.