WATCH: Miranda Lambert Sings ‘In His Arms’ With Jack Ingram, Jon Randall in ‘Austin City Limits’ Season Premiere

by Clayton Edwards

Season 47 of Austin City Limits kicks off on October 2nd. The first episode of that season will feature Miranda Lambert, Jon Randall, and Jack Ingram playing songs from The Marfa Tapes. Earlier today, ACL released a video of the trio playing “In His Arms,” to give fans a taste of what to expect from the season premiere.

According to the ACL website, this is Miranda Lambert’s third appearance on the show. Jack Ingram last graced the Austin City Limits stage 25 years ago. However, this is Jon Randall’s first appearance on the show.

“If it gets weird up here, it’s because we’ve all been friends for, like, over 20 years,” Miranda Lambert said while introducing the men sitting at her sides. She went on to say that Jack Ingram is one of her heroes. She’s been a fan of his since she was a teen. Additionally, she met Jon Randall about two decades ago. This explains the amazing chemistry they have on stage as well as on The Marfa Tapes.

Before talking about “In His Arms,” Miranda Lambert said, “My favorite thing is to write love songs about men with men,” before breaking into a laugh.

The song, Lambert explained, was inspired by looking into the desert sunset and talking about people they don’t know and ones they’d like to know. She concluded by saying, “A love song came out of it.”

About The Marfa Tapes, Jon Randall told Austin City Limits, “There’s something singular that happens in that moment of collaboration and creation… Our hope with this album was to share a little bit of that magic with people.” He, Miranda Lambert, and Jack Ingram did just that on the album as well as on the stage.

More About Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, and Jon Randall’s Performance

The trio exhibits an intangible quality when they’re together. It doesn’t matter if they’re recording in the Texas desert or sitting on a stage together, the magic is there. It lies in the difference between seeing a handful of talented musicians perform and watching some friends hang out and play songs.

However, Miranda Lambert’s voice is the star of the show. The acoustic arrangement truly magnifies this. The lack of bass, drums, or any other instruments leaves plenty of room for her to shine. At the same time, Randall and Ingram sing perfect harmony behind her. When they sing together, their voices blend like grains of desert sand under a full moon. You can hardly tell where one stops and the next starts.

If you want to see Miranda Lambert and her friends play the rest of their Austin City Limits set, the new season premiers on October 2. Check your local PBS listings for times.