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WATCH: Morgan Wallen and Ernest Release ‘Flower Shops’

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Ed Rode/Getty Images for CMT)

When Ernest debuted ‘Flower Shops’ this Summer in Nashville, the Ryman gave him a standing ovation. Now, after months of teasing a collaboration with Morgan Wallen through live performances, the highly anticipated release is finally here.

Watch the official video below.

Ernest and Wallen swap verses before coming together on the chorus. And buddy, do they come together well.

“Mister, I’ll take your roses / If you cut off the thorns / She can’t take no more / I’ll buy violets and daisies / To hide all the crazy / It’s gonna take all you’ve got / Aw It’s a bad day for love / But a good day for flower shops,” the pair sing.

In order to promote the song, Wallen posted a picture with Ernest on Instagram earlier today. In the photo, the two country artists are sitting next to each other on stools with guitars in their hands. They look to be proposing a toast to a job well done.

“Flower Shops open at Midnight tonight,” Wallen said in the caption.

“If they don’t cut off the thorns this time I’m gonna lose it,” Ernest said in the comments.

The Story Behind ‘Flower Shops’

Ernest performed an acoustic version of the unreleased song on his podcast over the summer. He also gave us some insight as to how the track came about.

Believe it or not, Ernest found the inspiration after John Daly played him an original song he made in collaboration with Willie Nelson. From there, he went down a George Jones rabbit hole. That’s when he stumbled upon “A Good Year for the Roses” for the first time.

Ernest used that emotion, channeled a failing relationship, and thought the only way to fix it was to go buy every flower in a flower shop. That’s how the song was born.

It was the initial reception, a standing ovation at the Ryman in Nashville, that encouraged him to eventually release the song. It wasn’t long before he was performing it with friend and collaborator Morgan Wallen, sowing the seeds of excitement at the prospect of a duet. The two Big Loud artists appear to have a chart-topper on their hands here.

What better way to celebrate the New Year than with some great new music. Will you be listening?

Morgan Wallen’s Dangerous Tour is Almost Here

Did somebody mention, the Dangerous tour? That’s right! This year just keeps getting better and better! Morgan Wallen is about to head on tour with his new album in 2022. Hardy and Larry Fleet are joining him on the road.

Do you have your tickets? It’s going to be one heck of a show!