WATCH: Morgan Wallen and Jimmie Allen Perform ‘The Way I Talk’ in Nashville

by Jonathan Howard

If you were in Nashville the other night then you might have seen Morgan Wallen and Jimmie Allen on stage at Bridgestone Arena. The two played a great show separately, but you know they had to get up on stage together and give the fans something more. So, during Wallen’s set, Allen came out and the two performed The Way I Talk.

One of the requisite tracks from the country music singer, the addition of fellow country artist Jimmie Allen made this great. The two control the crowd in ways many artists just can’t. Put them on stage together and it is like putty in their hands. Those fans were gonna sing an entire verse or chorus is Wallen gave them the signal to.

Known for energy and passion, both of these singers gave the crowd exactly what they wanted. Check out the video below and see it for yourself.

Morgan Wallen and Jimmie Allen rocked the stage. However, after the show, Wallen took the show on the road…well, down Broadway at least. And Allen wasn’t the only one in Nashville to rock around and party a bit. Wallen sold out three straight shows at Bridgestone Arena. He had guests like Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett, and Lil Durk.

After the run of bad press and personal issues that Wallen dealt with not that long ago, he sure is riding high right now. His three-night stand in Nashville was a huge deal and Wallen had to go mingle a bit around town. He swung by Aldean’s bar and took a photo and hung out with his fellow singer there. The two are good friends and after the shows they put on they deserve to celebrate a bit.

Morgan Wallen Sings with Jimmie Allen, Has Surprise Acoustic Performance for Small Crowd After

One moment, you’re seeing Morgan Wallen and Jimmie Allen at Bridgestone Arena, the next you’re seeing Wallen play an acoustic set at a small midtown bar. Well, that’s what likely happened for at least a couple of folks. After he finished his big run in Nashville at Bridgestone, he wasn’t done.

The Graduate Hotel in Nashville sometimes has an animatronic band for the karaoke nights they host. However, that was done away with when Wallen came down and performed. He played for thousands downtown, and then up at midtown he played a room of 80. That’s a guy that loves to perform.

You really have to wonder if anyone was able to catch both shows. It was a total surprise and not announced until an hour beforehand. Still, late notice and all, a few folks likely saw both shows. Wallen seems like he is going to ride this wave standing tall and things like this are going to ensure that it keeps going for a long time to come.