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WATCH: Morgan Wallen Answers Fan’s Questions About ‘Livin’ The Dream’

by Jon D. B.
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Morgan Wallen, like many of us, had a difficult 2020 – and his emotional response to this fan about writing “Livin’ The Dream” comes from just that.

The turbulence of 2020 led to an “exceptionally rough time” for country star Morgan Wallen. It’s something he’s been quite open about, and discussed with media and fans at length. While it feels easy to dismiss the struggles of the famous at times, we’ve also got to remember that we’re in this together – and the music our favorite stars make for us is, a lot of the times, what helps us get through.

To this end, several of Wallen‘s biggest fans have sent in video comments and questions to help ring in a positive 2021 – and they’re obviously an absolute joy for him to watch. And one, in particular, hits him right in the feels, too.

Fan David from Lincoln, Nebraska, sent in his video to let Wallen know, genuinely, that the country star’s inspired him to “be a better person. He’s also inspired me to start playing the guitar,” David adds.

Wallen lights up at the fan’s comments, before David starts laying down a few chords, bringing a tear to the country star’s eye.

“Aw, that’s awesome, man. Y’all are about to make me cry!” Wallen laughs before wiping said tear.

Morgan Wallen: “Some Days You Learn Lessons”

“Before I go, one last question,” David continues. “Where did you get the inspiration to write the song, ‘Livin’ The Dream’?”

Here, Wallen takes a bit of a pause, before giving a very real answer.

“You know, there’s positives and there’s negatives of being in the spotlight,” he answers sincerely. “That song just came from one of the days I was feeling a lot of the negatives. Most days, you know, you’re real happy, but some days you learn lessons. And that part’s hard. So, we got it from those parts in our life.”

David’s question ends the segment on YouTube. Our previous coverage on Wallen, however, reveals even more of the stars inspiration for “Livin’ The Dream” as he was writing it.

Back in October of 2020, Wallen was nixed from the SNL schedule after posting videos of himself partying heavily without a mask or observing social distancing. Furthermore, he was seen kissing multiple women at said Alabama college party, all individuals unmasked. Social media, news organizations, and part of the industry quickly turned on the country star – sending him spiraling into a severe depression.

“I took a while, like almost two weeks, and just turned my phone off and didn’t even look at it,” Morgan Wallen recalls. Speaking to Bobby Bones on his Bobbycast podcast, the Whiskey Glasses singer finally broke his silence on what the experience held for him.

Wallen adds that he “drove on the tractor, things like that, and just [was clearing] my head.” Despite being asked to exit his debut SNL live music performance, he has been able to pull himself up after severe depression. The experience, he said at the time, makes him grateful.

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