WATCH: Morgan Wallen Crushes ‘Sand in My Boots’ Acoustic at Tennessee Flood Relief Benefit Show

by Clayton Edwards

Morgan Wallen has appeared at a handful of venues since his music industry exile in February. However, they were always small surprise appearances. Wednesday night, he played his first official concert since everything fell apart for him earlier this year. To make the show even more special, he and his pals played to raise money to help those who were affected by the storms in Middle Tennessee last month.

Country Now posted a short clip from Morgan Wallen’s set at the show. In that clip, he absolutely crushes “Sand in My Boots.” However, he didn’t do it alone. It sounds like he had the whole crowd helping him sing his most recent single. It’s obvious that they were glad to see him back on stage. The look on Wallen’s face as he sang was all we needed to see to know that he felt the same way. Check out the clip below.

Despite the months of negative press it is clear to see that the crowd loves Morgan Wallen. When they weren’t singing along with him, they were cheering loud enough to rattle the rafters of the venue. However, it was the little things that made this a great performance to watch. The way Wallen interacted with the crowd – waving to cameras and asking to hear them “real loud,” on the last chorus- shows that the connection he has with his core audience hasn’t waned in recent months.

More About Morgan Wallen’s Official Return to the Stage

Wallen announced Morgan Wallen and Friends on September 2nd. The show took place on September 8th. In his initial announcement, he worried that fans wouldn’t be able to make the show on such short notice. However, fans bought every ticket available for the show in less than 24 hours. So, Wallen’s first concert back was a sold-out affair for a good cause.

The tickets sold out so quickly for a few major reasons. First and foremost, fans wanted to see Morgan Wallen on stage again. Additionally, he tapped a lineup of artists that his fans would be familiar with. He got Dierks Bentley, HARDY, Cole Swindell, Ernest, Lainey Wilson, Ben Burgess, Jared Mullins, and Lathan Warwick to join him for the show. Finally, the concert was for a good cause. Proceeds from the show benefitted the Tennessee Emergency Response Fund and The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Both of those organizations are helping victims of the recent flooding in the region, according to Tennesean.

Country Now‘s Instagram post noted that Morgan Wallen and Friends raised over $725,000 for flood relief. As far as comeback concerts go, this one is going to be hard to top.