WATCH: Morgan Wallen Pairs All of His New Songs with the Perfect Settings

by Matthew Wilson

Morgan Wallen has created the perfect song for every occasion. The singer recently revealed which songs from his new album “Dangerous” listeners should listen to based on the setting.

If you’re going to have your first kiss, Wallen recommends you listen to “Wasted on You” to set the mood. Meanwhile, if you plan to drive down a backroad, you can’t go wrong with “Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt.”

“Still Goin Down” or “Something Country” sets the tone for a hang-out session for friends. But if you’re meeting with a significant other, Wallen suggests listening to “Silverado for Sale.” Finally, for those experiencing a little heartbreak, Wallen recommends “Need a Boat.”

Morgan Wallen Details His New Album

Released on Jan. 8, “Dangerous: The Double Album” has been a hit for Wallen already. So far, the album had the most single-week-on demand audio streams for a country album in music history. That’s a whole lot of listeners. For Spotify, the album broke the all-time record for first-day streaming. It also broke Apple Music’s record as well.

Wallen detailed the inspiration behind the album. He wrote some of the songs as a way to answer some of the controversies he experienced in 2020. For instance, the singer got kicked off “Saturday Night Live” for breaking COVID-19 restrictions.

“‘Dangerous’ is a song on the album too,” Wallen said in a Youtube video. “I wrote it halfway through 2020 after I got in a little bit of trouble. And if you listen to it as a letter to myself. I think it makes even more sense.”

Wallen decided to released the album now as a way to bring a little joy to the listener. So far, the tactic seems to have worked out for the singer.

“We didn’t originally have any goals of doing a double album,” Wallen said. “But whenever the quarantine happened, we just felt like people really need music right now more than ever. And we said why not. The writing, the recording, the production of it all was really my way of escaping everything going on in the world.”