Watch Morgan Wallen Perform ‘7 Summers’ on Saturday Night Live

by Halle Ames

Who says you don’t get second chances? Morgan Wallen finally made his debut on Saturday Night Live after being canceled in October. 

Ahh yes, our country music bad boy is back and is on his best behavior this go around. 

Morgan Wallen was finally invited to the set of Saturday Night Live after being canceled back in October due to breaking just about every CDC protocol in the book. After what seemed like a wild weekend in Tuscaloosa, videos surfaced of Wallen making out with numerous women, not wearing a mask, and packed into a bar with no regard for social distancing. 

Wallen took to social media to apologize for his actions and said he needed to take a step back to do some growing up. Same here, Morgan, same here.

Morgan Wallen Back on SNL

The show made light of the situation, however, with a hilarious skit making fun of Wallen. Be sure to watch that video here. 

The show, which aired last night, featured guest star Jason Bateman, who played Wallen a month into the future to warn him about his actions.

In addition, Wallen was thrilled to have another chance and said he was taking things seriously this time. In a video obtained by TMZ, the artist said he was “not leaving this d*mn hotel.”

Wallen also shared a tweet, saying, “Let’s try this again.”

Watch the SNL ‘7 Summers’ Performance

On December 4, Wallen asked fans to guess which songs he would perform on the show. Fans voted for “Somebody’s Problem” and “More than my Hometown” by an overwhelming landslide. However, neither songs were correct. The 27-year-old performed his hit song “7 Summers” as well as his new song “Still Goin Down.” Times Magazine named “7 Summers” in the Top 10 Best Songs of 2020.

The other song Wallen performed, “Still Goin Down,” debuted in mid-November along with three other pieces as part of his upcoming album Dangerous. The album is scheduled to be released on January 8, 2021. Dangerous is a 30-track double album that Wallen has been working on for nearly three years.