WATCH: Morgan Wallen Performs ‘More Than My Hometown’ on Bobby Bones Show

by Quentin Blount

Morgan Wallen recently performed his fourth consecutive Billboard number one song “More Than My Hometown” on the Bobby Bones Show.

Wallen released his hit single during the summer of 2020. There’s no doubt that it was a much-needed gift to fans at the time stuck at home during quarantine. The song spent a whopping 36 weeks on the Hot Country Songs chart and quickly jumped to the number one spot.

Wallen wrote “More Than My Hometown” with Michael Hardy, Ernest Keith Smith, and Ryan Vojtesak. The same four also co-wrote Wallen’s previous hit single, “This Bar.”

Listen below as Wallen and his band perform an incredible-sounding acoustic rendition of the song live during the show.

Story Behind the Morgan Wallen Hit Song

The rising country music star says that his hit song is about more than moving on from a relationship. Morgan Wallen says that the true meaning behind the song is about staying true to yourself even when you love someone.

“It’s a song that represents, to me, a lot about not changing who you are for someone else,” says Wallen. “Even if you may really love that person, it’s important to stay true to who you are.”

Another main theme of the song, according to Wallen, and evident by the song’s title, is hometowns. He says that the love someone has for where they come from seems like a good metaphor for the song’s topic.

“I thought that comparison to a hometown was a good analogy…It has a few different meanings but that was the most important one to me,” Wallen explains.

In addition, Wallen notes that he thinks it’s because of the message to stay true to yourself that so many people have been able to relate to the song.

“And maybe that’s why it resonates with so many people,” Wallen told 101.3 FM KFDI.

Wallen Answers Questions on the Bobby Bones Show

Bobby Bones is back at it, diving into the questions we’re all thinking when it comes to America’s favorite country stars. After speaking with Morgan Wallen on the 8th, Bones was able to ask about the musician’s most recent record, Dangerous. More specifically, Bones delves into the making of “Quittin’ Time,” the remarkable final track from Wallen released on the album.

Furthermore, Bones asks a number of other insightful questions during the interview. Without a doubt, the entire exchange makes for excellent viewing for any Wallen fan.