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WATCH: Morgan Wallen Reveals How He Created Recently Released Album ‘Dangerous’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Morgan Wallen details creating his 2021 hit album “Dangerous: The Double Album,” which dropped Jan. 8. And well, some of his music was inspired by his past controversies.

The singer had something of a rollercoaster year in 2020, with periods of ups and downs. “Saturday Night Live” kicked Wallen from a scheduled guest appearance. A photographer captured the singer breaking COVID-19 protocols and living it up at a University of Alabama party.

But by the end of the year, the singer’s fortunes turned for the better. He won a CMA Award and got another chance to appear on “SNL” and apologize. Wallen said the titular song “Dangerous” was inspired by some of his darker moments during the year.

“‘Dangerous’ is a song on the album too,” Wallen said in a Youtube video. “I wrote it halfway through 2020 after I got in a little bit of trouble. And if you listen to it as a letter to myself. I think it makes even more sense.”

Morgan Wallen Releases a Double Album

Wallen broke down another of his tunes “Sand in My Boots,” which is featured on the album. The song is a classic love song with a tragic twist at the end. Let’s just say boots and sand don’t mix.

“It’s about a guy, he’s at the beach and he meets a girl,” Wallen continued. “She kind of never met a country boy like him. He wants to show her his home because he’s told her about it and she seems really interested. But she just never shows up. All he does is go back home with some sand in his boots.”

Wallen decided to release a double album in part because of 2020. He felt his fans and audiences needed a little more music to brighten their day as the pandemic continues into another year.

“We didn’t originally have any goals of doing a double album,” Wallen said. “But whenever the quarantine happened, we just felt like people really need music right now more than ever. And we said why not. The writing, the recording, the production of it all was really my way of escaping everything going on in the world.”