WATCH: Nelly Reveals Story of How He and Tim McGraw Made 2000s Hit ‘Over and Over’

by Jon D. B.

“Over and Over” was an early 2000s “smash hit”, and it’s all thanks to unlikely duo Nelly and Tim McGraw‘s mutual respect for one another.

If you listened to music in the 2000s, then you know “Over and Over”. The song tore up country, hip hop, and pop music charts across the entire globe upon its 2004 release, and sold millions of copies in between.

While the industry took the song for granted at the time, it was the first mainstream collaboration between a country and hip hop artist to ever hit the mainstream. No one really thought it would work, either – except Tim McGraw.

Speaking to FOX Soul’s The Mix talk show, The legendary hip hop half of the equation – Nelly – opens up about how their unlikely collaboration came to be – and how much he respects a megastar like Tim McGraw taking a chance on a “rising rapper” like his 2004 self.

“Interesting story about it!” the rap icon starts off. “Even when I wrote the song – I actually wrote it for Tim McGraw. I wrote it for him, it was a song meant for him. I was never even supposed to be on the record!” he clarifies.

“But in doing so, [McGraw] was just like – ‘Yo, y’know, you’re gonna do it, right? You’re gonna be on this with me?’ And I was like, oh! Oh, okay!” Nelly laughs.

“We actually recorded it out here in LA… If you listen to the record… I was doin’ everybody’s vocals trying to build the record up,” he smiles of the experience with McGraw.

Nelly: Tim McGraw “Helped Change Music”

And if it sounds like these two got along famously, it’s because they did. Nelly holds Tim McGraw in very high regard to this day for his generosity and openness with “Over and Over”.

“It was an honor for him to even give that a shot,” Nelly recalls of McGraw‘s eagerness to bring him and his talent on board the actual track. “For him to step out of his world, because Tim McGraw is one of the biggest country stars to ever do it. So for him to step out of his world, to even give a kid from St. Louis – a hip hop artist – a shot of, y’know, ‘I see what you’re trying to do’ and attempt that – man, I love him for life for that,” the icon lauds of McGraw.

“That didn’t just help change mine and his life. That helped change music,” Nelly praises. “I appreciate his support on that.”

Both country and hip hop fans appreciated their collaboration, as well. The song absolutely exploded, topping multiple Billboard charts across the globe. Give this 2000s hit another listen below, and it’ll be stuck in your head for another twenty years.

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