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Watch: Netflix Releases Scene Sneak Peek of Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

People in Appalachia have been calling Dolly Parton an angel for quite some time. In a clip from her latest film “Christmas on the Square,” viewers get to see what the country superstar would look like as a messenger from on high.

Dolly has an affinity for Christmas. In her latest role, she plays an angel who attempts to soften the heart of a woman looking to sell her small town regardless of how it affects its citizens.

“Christmas on the Square”: What to Expect

Christmas on the Square isn’t just another holiday flick. It’s a Christmas musical. Not only does Dolly play an angel, but she also composed the music and wrote the lyrics. The musical runs for just over 90 minutes and introduces 14 new songs by the county songstress.

Christine Baranski stars opposite Dolly Parton as Regina Fuller. a jaded business mogul. She is also the heiress to the land on which the small town of Fullerville sits. She plans to sell the parcels of land off to a huge mall. In short, Baranski plays an updated version of the classic Scrooge Character.

Dolly’s character, an angel named Angel, hopes to show her that there is more to life than money. In Christmas on the Square, Parton’s character will take the place of all three Christmas Spirits from the “Christmas Carol” plot.

The Sneak Peek at “Christmas on the Square”

In the clip, Angel appears to Regina and viewers get an introduction to the central conflict of the film. Dolly’s character attempts to explain who she is as well as how Regina has lost her way. She reminds the heiress of her father’s love for the town in words and song. Regina, on the other hand, is sure that Angel is a hallucination brought on by a brain tumor.

The two have some great chemistry. In this scene, the pair play off each other expertly. Angel’s sweetness accentuates Regina’s bitterness and vice versa.

Dolly’s Love for Christmas

It’s no secret that Dolly Parton loves the Christmas season. This year she has taken part in several Christmas specials, a holiday album, and will perform alongside Gwen Stefani at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting.