WATCH: Now-Famous Country Music Star Tried Out for American Idol as Rapper

by Clayton Edwards

Part of the draw of “American Idol” has always been that auditions. The producers select the best and worst auditions to show the TV audience. With a little editing, they make the good ones better and the bad ones more entertaining. It’s a great setup for the drama of the competition. Country hitmaker Chris Lane and his brother Cory can be seen in one especially cringe-worthy audition.

The twins try really hard to pull off a beatbox and freestyle rap and it immediately fell apart. The judges allow them to go on as Cory attempts to pull lyrics from thin air. When he’s finally able to find his footing he spits some lukewarm bars. The performance ends with an in-unison “Hey!” but the “American Idol” judges just weren’t feeling their energy.

To the Lanes’ credit, they keep their composure and confidence through the whole ordeal. After receiving a very light roasting from Simon and some constructive criticism, the boys leave with their heads high.

If you like seeing the “American Idol” judges be brutally honest, watch that video until the end. Simon is much less kind to Cory’s girlfriend who tries out immediately after the twins.

American Idol and Country Stars

Many country music fans associate Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson with “American Idol.” Surprisingly though several current stars tried out for the show but never made it. Chris Lane is one among several performers who were cut from “American Idol” before making a name for themselves in country music.

Lady A’s Hillary Scott tried out for the show twice and didn’t make the judging round either time. Scott’s group has released six albums and won several awards including Best Country Album at the 2012 Grammys.

“American Idol” as well as “The Voice” rejected Maren Morris. Since then, she has not only taken home awards but also broke streaming records and had several number-one hits. As a bonus, her hit song “My Church” has been performed by contestants on both shows.

Jimmie Allen made it to the top-fifty on “American Idol.” Since being cut from the show, Allen has scored two number-one country airplay singles. He was also nominated for three CMA awards.

It’s safe to say that the “American Idol” producers and judges don’t always make the right call. In the case of Chris Lane, though, it is fortunate for country music fans that he and his brother were quickly dismissed.