WATCH: Old Dominion Hilariously Forgets Lyrics to Hit Songs They’ve Written During Jam Session

by Madison Miller

For some artists, writing the lyrics themselves doesn’t always mean they’ll remember them. In a recent clip from Old Dominion, they are openly admitting this fact.

What Are the Lyrics Again?

The group posted on Instagram and Twitter a fun video of them doing a little jam session. During it, they completely blank on the lyrics for one of their newer song, “Never Be Sorry.”

They captioned it, “Just because we write em doesn’t mean we always remember em #neverbesorry”

Old Dominion Masters the Meow

The group is not afraid to not take themselves very seriously. They proved this when they released “Meow Mix.”

Old Dominion released their self-titled album in 2019 featuring songs like, “Make It Sweet,” “My Heart is a Bar,” “Hear You Now,” and “Dancing Forever.”

Shortly after, they released a version where they replaced every lyric except one with the word “meow.” While fans on social media were quick to wonder what was going on in these grown men’s heads, the band was amused by their creation.

In an interview with People, lead singer Matthew Ramsey confirms that Old Dominion is “just a bunch of grown men making a joke.”

It all started with a few meows here and there. Then the guys thought they were so funny that they should be a whole album.

“We just thought it was funny, and then some of our crew thought it was funny, and then the label’s always asking us to do different versions of songs — acoustic, things like that. And we were like, ‘Let’s do a meow one,’ and then it started with one song, and then we were like, ‘Oh, let’s do the whole album!”” Ramsey said.

The group matched the emotion of the songs with the kind of meows they were putting forward. They joked that if a cat were listening they would want to make sure it was feeling into it.

Behind the Songs

When it comes to forgetting the lyrics, Ramsey think that meowing may be the cure for Old Dominion.

 “I’m terrible at remembering the lyrics. Now I know if I’m lost, I can just start meowing. And people will probably get excited!”

The band also recently released an EP titled “Band Behind The Curtain.” It is filled with hits that they’ve written for other artists.

The three songs are “Save It for a Rainy Day” performed by Kenny Chesney, “Make You Miss Me” by Sam Hunt, and “Say You Do” by Dierks Bentley.

“Once you find a great song, it’ll find its home. But first and foremost, you just gotta try to write a great song,” Trevor Rosen said, according to Sounds Like Nashville.

While these songs found their own artists, the band still went back to put their spin on their lyrics.