WATCH: Reba McEntire Delivers Powerful Advice About Faith, Purpose in Life

by Taylor Cunningham
WATCH Reba McEntire Delivers Powerful Advice About Faith, Purpose in Life

Reba McEntire released her highly anticipated Revived Remixed Revisited collection yesterday. And while celebrating, she asked her Twitter followers to indulge her in a little Q&A session.

Reba McEntire’s newest album dropped yesterday. And the songstress hosted a gathering of sorts on social media. First, she had a virtual listening party. Then, she told her fans to ask her some questions.

“Right after the listening party, join me back here on Twitter for a Q&A!” she wrote. “Send me your questions using #RevivedRemixedRevisited.”

The I’m a Survivor singer spent most of her day answering her friends and fans in video clips. And the last question may have been the most profound.

@reba_sloop asked, “What’s the most important thing you’ve learned throughout your life and career so far? Or is there advice that you’d give to someone that’s trying to figure out where they belong in life?

First, Reba McEntire loved the question. And she knew the answer right away. When she needs answers about her path or destiny, she “always [goes] to the Lord for inspiration.”

In the short recording, Reba said whenever she feels a little lost, she prays.

While she’s speaking to the lord, she asks, “where do you want me in this life? What am I supposed to be doing?” And Reba strongly believes that if you pray long enough and hard enough, “he’ll give you the answer and let you know what you’re supposed to be doing.”

Reba then continued by admitting that people constantly ask her what she’s going to do next. She’s a successful singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and actress. So, folks are always curious about her next project. And she said her answer is always “I have no idea.”

Instead, she just puts her faith in God and says, “Lord, whenever you’re ready for me to do something else, let me know when [and] where, and I’ll show up and be as prepared as I can.”

Reba McEntire Accidentally Drank Real Whiskey While Filming Her New Music Video

For her boxed set Revived Remixed Revisited album, Reba McEntire made our dreams came true when she collaborated with Dolly Parton. The two sang a brand new rendition of Does He Love You. And it’s absolutely beautiful.

And great singles deserve a great music video. So that’s just what the two iconic megastars made. And they had a lot of fun filming together.

During a Q&A session on Twitter, one fan asked if the singers drank real alcohol while on set. And Reba said, that the crew usually just fills their glasses with a whiskey-colored drink. But this time, someone made a mistake and filled Reba’s glass with actual whiskey.

Reba McEntire wasn’t expecting real booze. So, she downed it like a frat boy. And she said that it was a painful experience.

“My eyes started waterin’ and my throat was burnin’ and everything,” she said. “And then when we finished that take and I looked at Dolly and said, ‘Are you drinking real wine?’ She said, ‘No, are you [drinking whiskey]?’ And I said, “Yeah! Can’t you see my eyes waterin’? So, we got a big kick out of that.”