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WATCH: Sam Hunt Gives Behind-the-Scenes Look at ‘Breaking Up Was Easy in the ’90s’ Video

by Madison Miller
Photo by: John Shearer/CMT2020/Getty Images for CMT

Country-pop singer, Sam Hunt, filmed one of his music videos in a live jail.

When he was filming the music video for “Breaking Up Was Easy in the ’90s,” he and his crew went to a jail to get scenes for the music video.

Behind the Filming of the Video with Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt and his crew recently released a video explaining the music video as well as offering fans a behind-the-scenes look.

But why film in a jail for a song about breaking up?

Well, Director Justin Clough used a few key lyrics from Hunt’s song to piece together a narrative. The narrative explores a man who has been in jail since the ’90s.

“Thought you would call when I got out” and “Tired of being free” are key lyrics that were the beginning of this jail narrative.

These lyrics fit perfectly with the narrative that Clough had been trying to make in a music video.

“These kinds of things really fell into place with the narrative I had been thinking of and Sam just happened to be the perfect artist to make it happen,” Clough said.

The story is about a guy who has been in prison since the ’90s. He was once successful but fell into the wrong group of people. There are scenes of him in a church, looking for a job, and seeing his old crew again after getting out.

While the video of the song explores a jail-love narrative, the intention behind his song is to relate to the Millenials.

The song is all about how social media and technology have made relationships, and in this case, breaking up, that much harder to do. Now, people can see their exes moving on in real-time.

At least we have the option to use social media as a way to break up instead of doing it in person. If that’s a positive.

“Breaking Up Was Easy In the ’90s” is Sam Hunt’s 10th radio single.