WATCH: Sturgill Simpson Performs ‘All the Pretty Colors’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live

by Clayton Edwards

Whether you’re a fan or not, bluegrass probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about late-night talk shows. It would even be fair to assume that the two don’t have much of a crossover in the audience. Sturgill Simpson may have changed that last night. He and his band performed “All the Pretty Colors” from the album “Cuttin’ Grass – Vol. 1” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Sturgill Simpson Performs on Kimmel

Sturgill Simpson and his band performed from the stage at Nashville’s Station Inn. Even if it was a pre-recorded performance, the energy was undeniable. Simpson and his band, dubbed The Hillbilly Avengers, work like a well-oiled machine. They have spent hours hammering out these bluegrass tunes, and it shows.

The Hillbilly Avengers

Sturgill Simpson has assembled one hell of a band for his bluegrass project. He calls them The Hillbilly Avengers and with good reason. Simpson has brought together some of the best living pickers in bluegrass. Firstly, that’s Sierra Hull on mandolin. Hull is the winner of several International Bluegrass Music Association awards including two Mandolin Player of the Year awards. That’s Tim O’Brien on guitar. He has won both Grammy and International Bluegrass Music Association awards for his work in the genre. The band also includes Scott Vestal, Stuart Duncan, and a couple of other notable musicians.

The band also includes drummer Miles Miller, who Outsider had an exclusive interview with recently.

Sturgill Simpson may have a reputation for being a bit prickly but then again, so does Nick Fury. It all makes sense.

Bringing Bluegrass to the Masses

Sturgill Simpson released his first bluegrass album “Currin’ Grass – Vol. 1” back in October. Today, he dropped “Cuttin Grass – Vol. 2”. Simpson has said that he wanted to do the bluegrass project because it was the music he was raised on. His passion and appreciation for traditional music come through in both his recorded and live performances.

The performance and announcement of the newest release on such a widely-viewed program could be good for not only Simpson’s streams and sales but also the wider awareness of bluegrass music. Simpson and the Hillbilly Avengers didn’t even have to destroy half a city to be heroes.