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WATCH: Sturgill Simpson Sings Stunning Cover of ‘The Promise’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for A+E Networks)

One of Sturgill Simpson’s greatest musical superpowers is taking music from other genres and bending it to his will.

That’s exactly what happened when the Jackson, Kentucky native took a 1980s new wave song and turned it on its head. The Promise was originally a When in Rome song. The group didn’t last very long and this song was their only Top-40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. So, it isn’t an obvious cover for a country album.

Except, Sturgill Simpson didn’t record this song for any old country music album. Metamodern Sounds in Country Music is far from typical. But, what it holds is a psychedelic trip through the countryside as well as space and time and the inner workings of one’s own thoughts. Produced and engineered by the great Dave Cobb, this 2014 album solidified Simpson as a next-level artist.

In case you haven’t listened to this song 20,000 times like me, here it is. Check it out below.

This is one of the best ballads in all of music, in my opinion. And, honestly, the original version is great as well. The two styles aren’t obvious, but passionate lyrics matched up with a talent like Simpson can be turned into anything.

Some might say that country music covers of other genres are the easiest to do. Or even overdone. But, when you hear The Promise from Sturgill Simpson you can’t help but get into it. Perhaps even shed a tear or two. Now, as a Kentuckian myself, having to accept that the singer is done with his solo career is tough. But, his next venture might be just as good as he takes time to focus on raising a family. Get ready to see him on the big screen

Sturgill Simpson Replaces Danny McBride in New Film

For those that might not know it, Sturgill Simpson is good friends with Danny McBride. So this news isn’t much of a surprise. The musician is set to replace McBride in True Love. A Gareth Edwards film, this one should be worth watching. The director sat behind the camera for Godzilla (2014) and Rogue One.

Edwards has an upcoming film, True Love. That film was set to feature McBride, the hilarious comedian that is often seen alongside the likes of Seth Rogen. There really isn’t a lot out there about the film, but we do know Sturgill is replacing Danny. Maybe McBride gave a good word on his way out. Deadline says that this will be a near-future sci-fi film. Which sounds exactly like something Sturgill would want to be a part of.

Look, we might not get new Sturgill Simpson music for a long time. But, that’s alright. He’s released more than a handful of classics that can be put on repeat for decades to come. That’s what happens when you tap into the future of country music and drag it into the present.