WATCH: Ted Nugent Performs Rare Acoustic Version of ‘Stranglehold’

by Katie Maloney

Ted Nugent gifts fans with a look into his passion for camping and a rare acoustic performance of his song, “Stranglehold.”

Nugent shared a video on his Facebook page during which he talked about the “raw” and “primal” energy of playing music around a campfire.

“There is an uninhibitedness that is just so spectacularly raw and primal around most campfires. And definitively around mine because the reason they wanted to hunt with me is because they know that I just don’t hold back. I won’t hold back,” says Nugent.

Nugent continues to describe the experience. “Think of a dark night, some stars, the moon. And tired people from a day in the great outdoors from living, breathing, primal screaming,” Nugent says. “…And you tell me that this isn’t that soundtrack,” he says as he begins playing.

Ted Nugent Says Music “Flies Out” Of Him Every Day

In the same video, Nugent describes how his natural surroundings become the band that plays with him.

“And I’m telling ya, the crackling of the embers is the drums,” says Nugent. “…I’d like to think that I have the cocktail of emotions. The lowest of lows and highest of highs – maybe higher than anyone. That’s what I think those songs are,” he says.

“Stranglehold” was a debut single and the first track from Nugent’s self-titled 1975 album. The song spent two weeks on the charts peaking in the number 19 spot. Lyrics include, “Here I come again now baby. Like a dog in heat. Tell it’s me by the clamor now baby. I like to tear up the street And I been smokin’ for so long. You know I’m here to stay. Got you in a stranglehold baby.”

Producing music that hints at a psychedelic connection to nature and the human condition are nothing new for Nugent. In fact, Nugent says that having musical experiences like that is an everyday occurrence for him.

“…I just play my guitar every day and I feel the primal uninhibitedness. And free-flowing, spontaneous need for music gluttony, and things come to mind. I just have a tsunami of images, visions, ideas, statements, syllables, and word combinations…,and I do my chores and run around the ranch, that stuff just flies out of me.”

Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold.”