WATCH: Thomas Rhett Brings Luke Combs Out on Stage, Tortuga Crowd Goes Wild

by Joe Rutland

When you get country music superstars Thomas Rhett and Luke Combs together and with a hot Tortuga crowd, then it’s going to be epic. And this definitely would amount to an epic moment. Rhett was on the stage at Rock the Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival when Combs came out and the crowd goes wild.

Thomas Rhett Shares Stage At Tortuga With Luke Combs And The Fans Are Beside Themselves

In the comments, musician James McNair writes: “In shorts and flip flops, what a power move! @lukecombs”. Another fan simply says, “Goose bumps.” We tend to like that as well with all of those fans roaring their approval. What a sight to behold with two of country music’s biggest stars sharing the spotlight.

Want to know what else is pretty cool? Making your own album. It’s something Thomas Rhett has done quite well. He talked about it during an interview with Taste of Country. Rhett admitted that while his new album is now available, he doesn’t think it’s presented really well just yet. “I think as an artist you never get to a point where you’re fully there,” Rhett said. The county music star also says that most artists are perfectionists and overthinkers. 

Country Star Also Balances Fatherhood In His Life, Too

Yes, we also tend to agree with him on that point. Rhett said having fans lean in and hear his songwriting process is kind of a double-edged sword. “I had a conversation about this literally today,” he said. “About how much of a blessing and a curse it is to play demos for people.” “Where We Started” features new tracks like “The Hill,” “Church Boots,” “Bass Pro Hat,” “Anything Cold,” and the title track of the album. It also features Katy Perry on vocals, too. 

Oh, while he’s also recording some solid music, Rhett also is balancing fatherhood in his life. How much so? Hey, this guy isn’t going to be out there making meals all the time. He talked about this with Mashed recently. Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins have four small children. Including a nearly five-month-old, too. “Most of my eating is on the go these days,” he said. He also said that he’ll find a bag of “gummies that have been left in [his] truck for six weeks” and think “Oh, I’ll eat that today. I do my best to eat good and clean. But there are definitely times where I’m trying to get something on the go.”