Watch Tim McGraw ‘Channel Tom Brady’ Showing Off Blindfolded Trick Throwing Football

by Shelby Scott

In his latest Instagram post, country music rockstar, Tim McGraw, “channeled Tom Brady,” in a blindfolded ball-throwing trick. While followers of Tim McGraw’s Instagram page are well aware of his love for sports and the outdoors, this latest video demonstrates his inner “Tom Brady” aspirations.

The video shows McGraw being blindfolded and handed a football, spectators making sure the eye covering is entirely blocking his vision. As friends cheer him on, viewers hear the star say, “Yell loud, Roger,” who then counts down from 3. Amazingly enough, we watch the ball leave McGraw’s hand and soar right through the falling Hoola-hoop. Viewers to the video shared their excitement writing, “Nice spiral!” and “The next Tom Brady!”

While the feat might seem easy enough to accomplish, McGraw gave Instagram viewers the satisfaction of attaching a slow-motion version of the throw to the second part of the video as everything is more satisfying to watch in slow motion. Here, we clearly see the star’s athletic prowess come alive. Nevertheless, and following true genuine self, he jokes in his caption, “…what you don’t see is the 3 tries it took.” We still applaud you, Tim.

Tim McGraw Recently Celebrated his 2000s Chart-Topper, ‘My Next 30 Years.’

McGraw’s musical career has been a long, successful one and on July 17th, he celebrated the 21st anniversary of the release of his song, “My Next 30 Years.” One of the 2000’s very first country classics, the song celebrates the artist’s 30th birthday, which marks a major milestone in a person’s life, let alone McGraw’s. While lots of people fear turning 30 as it seems to signify a loss of youth and kind of carelessness, the chart-topper celebrates life and the things that are important.

Since the song’s debut, we’ve had a lot of time to watch McGraw’s goals, strengths, and interests grow and develop. As social media has become such a crucial piece to the makeup of a musical artist’s career, McGraw not only provides an internal glance to his music and life on the road. He’s recently been sharing more and more posts about his family, his daughters’ growth, and, clearly, some of his athletic pursuits.

Following a keen interest in health and exercise in the artist’s early 40s, he shares that he simply started off running. “It started my day off better,” he shared in an article with Men’s Journal. “I just realized how much it raised the bar on everything that I did.” From his career to friends and relationships, McGraw credits running and other exercises for his success overall. And following his latest Tom Brady-inspired trick, it’s safe to say that McGraw has only been refining both his athletic talent and his artistic talent as an intertwined set.