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WATCH: Tim McGraw Drops Another Jaw-Dropping TikTok Duet with Up-and-Coming Singer Bear Bailey

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Between touring and filming, Tim McGraw’s got his hands pretty full. And that’s exactly what he told the hecklers at one of his most recent shows when he confronted them about their booing. No, he’s not going through a “mid-life crisis.” He’s just got a jam-packed schedule of someone climbing the ranks in the entertainment world.

Tim McGraw might be a top dog in the country music scene, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to remain “humble and kind.” Fans probably recognize that phrase as a song title from the star. He actually broke down its meaning not too long ago on TikTok. This is also the platform he uses to help boost the work of other talented rising stars. Most recently, he put out another jaw-dropping duet with the up-and-coming artist, Bear Bailey. You’ll want to check out the pipes on this kid.

Tim McGraw and Bear Bailey Blend Their Vocals for a Killer Duet

Bear Bailey and Tim McGraw blended their voices in a quick TikTok duet of McGraw’s own “Don’t Take the Girl,” originally released back in ’94. It comes after McGraw put out a TikTok asking for fans and rising talents alike to share their own interpretation of the song alongside him. Here’s the result:

The song choice is immaculate and features one of McGraw’s most special works. “Don’t Take the Girl” actually became his first number-one single on the Hot Country Songs chart in the US. Canada also took well to the song, featuring it as number one on their country charts as well. Actually, the song seemed to surpass genres and even went on to chart in the top 20 on Billboard’s Hot 100 pop songs. Fans seem to think Bear Bailey really did it justice here and you can see the singer’s deep emotions on his face.

Throwin’ It Back to a Duet With Blanco Brown

Tim McGraw’s latest TikTok isn’t the only time he’s duetted “Don’t Take the Girl.” Actually, he did the same thing almost 2 years ago to the day. A YouTube video from the country star’s official account captured the time he duetted the song with another up-and-coming act. That time, Blanco Brown joined him for a video that surpassed 5 million views in the following years.

Tim McGraw sets up the duet with a little bit of background on Blanco Brown. Turns out, Brown’s “The Git Up” saw nearly 50 million streams on Spotify at the time of their video together. Brown grew up on Atlanta hip hop but ventured out to country music while visiting his Aunt in rural Georgia. This duet takes on a bit of a different tone than McGraw’s TikTok with Bear.

Check it out: