WATCH: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Meet Their Lookalike Wax Figures in Hilarious 2017 Video

by Thad Mitchell

As the first couple of country music, it is only natural that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have their own wax figures.

Madame Tussauds Nashville, an attraction featuring the city’s greatest talent in wax form, introduced the wax sculptures in 2017. The wax museum has tons of country music stars sculpt out of wax within its walls with more on the way. Jason Aldean, Darius Rucker and Luke Bryan are among the popular country stars you can see at Madame Tussauds Nashville.

The attraction claims to be the top wax museum in the country. Just a few weeks ago, the museum shares a photo of a couple of gals posing with the Tim McGraw sculpture. It is easy to see from the social media post just how much detail is put into each wax figure. The museum is “selfie heaven” for its millions of visitors each year.

“When we take our selfies we never worry about a ‘bad one’ but I guess that’s just the Cowboy in us,” the Instagram post says.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Come Face to Face With Themselves

The wax sculptures of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill stand out inside the museum with great detail being given to the likeness. The couple was introduced to their wax counterparts while backstage at a concert in 2017. The interaction was caught on video and is quite hilarious as you might expect. While cracking jokes, McGraw and Hill marvel at how closely the wax sculptures resemble them. Visitors to the museum often say it would be difficult to differentiate between the sculpture and the actual artist.

The video shows the look of shock on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s faces as they come face to face with themselves.

“Wow! That is amazing,” Hill says while trying to cover up her surprise facial look with her hands. “That’s really creepy.”

While examining the wax sculptures with looks of awe on their faces, McGraw points out a detail he discovers.

“They even got the scar on my chest,” he says while taking a closer look at his image. The “Indian Outlaw” and “Don’t Take The Girl” Singer then offers up a humorous compliment to Hill’s sculpture.

“Nice butt,” he says as he examines his wife’s likeness.