WATCH: Tim McGraw, Faith Hill Sing Beautiful Version of ‘When I Need You’ in 1998

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Rick Loomis/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill looked like a young couple in love.

She smiled shyly and blushed a bit. He hugged her.

Then they started to sing “When I Need You.” It was almost as if the song was written for them for this particular point in their lives.

This was back in 1998 during a show on CMT Live. Hill performed solo. Then McGraw joined her on stage for the song.

If the song sounds really familiar, it’s probably because you first heard it in the 1970s. Leo Sayer, an Aussie, made it big in 1977. The song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 list of top songs in May 1977. By year’s end, Billboard ranked it as the 24th most popular song.

Some Tim McGraw and Faith Hill History

When Hill and McGraw performed the duet, they’d been married for two years. They were in the early stages of owning their status as a country music power couple.

By 1998, Hill was a huge cross-over act. Her album “Faith” spawned the super hit “This Kiss.” A year later, Hill enjoyed more success with the album “Breathe” and songs “Breathe” and “The Way You Love Me.” Hill earned three Grammy Awards for it.

Meanwhile, in 1997, McGraw released his fourth album, “Everywhere.” There six singles. Four of them reached No 1 on the country charts. They were “It’s Your Love,” “Everywhere,” “Where the Green Grass Grows” and “Just to See You Smile” – reached number one on the country charts.  

The couple met in 1994. Hill was recently divorced. McGraw was dating someone else.

In 1996, Hill was the opening act for McGraw’s Spontaneous Combustion tour. Sparks flew. The couple married that October.

“When we started touring together, I wasn’t involved with anyone, but she was,” McGraw told Country Weekly. “But you can’t be around Faith and not fall in love with her. Things just kind of happened. When two people are meant to be together, there’s nothing that’s going to keep them apart.”