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Watch: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughter Feels ‘Powerful’ in New Pole-Dancing Video

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Big Machine Records

Gracie McGraw, oldest daughter to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, recently sported a new talent. She can pole dance, specifically twirling from the “sit” position.

Gracie posted on Instagram earlier this week: “This is for ME! Im strengthening and taking my body back. This makes me feel POWERFUL AND ABLE. I honestly never thought I’d be able to hold myself up so this is a big win for me. I’m proud of myself. This is the best workout for body and mind. I feel in charge and like a freaking boss. I think this is called a sit and I’m probably doing it wrong but I’m learning! If you judge womxn for using THEIR own bodies to do what they want, then you suck.”

You could look upon pole dancing and think it’s only for adult dancers. But it’s great for fitness, with participants able to hold their own body weight while spinning on the pole.

Jennifer Lopez mainstreamed the pole when she performed at this year’s Super Bowl in Miami. Using the pole, she performed a routine to her hit single “Waiting for Tonight.” She starred as an aging stripper in the movie “Hustlers” in 2019.

Checking In On Gracie McGraw And Her Sisters

Gracie McGraw is 23 and living in California. Her middle sister Maddie also is in California. She graduated from Stanford earlier this year. Youngest Audrey lives with her parents in Nashville.

Following her pole routine, Gracie McGraw also posted a photo of herself singing to “Don’t Rain On My Parade.” That’s from the musical “Funny Girl.” McGraw said in her post that playing the role of Fanny Brice would be her dream. Barbra Streisand made the role famous.

Gracie McGraw wrote: “Sorry for posting twice today but get you a girl who can do both. This is and always will be my dream role. Fanny I love you. Also I filmed this right after jumpin out the car so sorry it’s not perfect.”

Gracie McGraw would love a career in music. She sang with her dad five years ago. And she was part of an all-female, alt-rock group, Tingo.

She’s big on female empowerment themes when she posts on social media.

She posed in a bikini and told her followers:

“I’ve hated these parts of my body ever since I can remember,” she explained. “And some of the time I still wish they looked different. BUT we are constantly learning to love and evolve.” She added, “I truly cannot believe how far I’ve come on this journey of loving myself. I wanted to post this as a reminder to me and to anyone who needs it that those bad feelings will pass. Every body is beautiful! Rolls are beautiful! Hip dips rule!! Remember to laugh or smile today and think of something you enjoy about yourself.”