WATCH: Tim McGraw Posts Thrilling Behind-the-Scenes Clip From ‘First Show Back’ in Concert

by Shelby Scott

Live concerts are finally back in full swing and Tim McGraw just shared a video of his first official concert back on the road. “Hey guys, I’m backstage at Watershed…the first real show we’ve done in a year and a half or so,” he shared. After such a tumultuous year, McGraw’s video intimated the most exciting concert vibes and we can’t wait to get back out and see him. Check out his video below.

Throughout the whole video, viewers hear the incessant sounds of concert noises that populate preshow venues and amphitheaters. As the video plays on, we watch McGraw approach the stage and the whole while, hear country music fans cheering and applauding the artist. Obviously, they’re cheering because it’s Tim McGraw, but country music fans have also been as anxious to return to live concerts as the music artists have.

The compilation of clips from the Watershed Festival only creates more excitement for McGraw fans as he highlights that this is only the first official show of others to follow nationwide very soon. We look forward to attending one of his concerts very soon and catching a glimpse of the “Undivided” singer in his iconic black cowboy hat. The words, “We’re back,” flash across the screen and we feel that emotional energy gathering in our concert-loving guts.

Tim McGraw Shares an Emotional Video of Rehearsal Prior to His First Show Post-Pandemic

Just a few days ago, prior to the opening of the Watershed Festival, the country icon shared an emotional 1-minute clip of his first pre-concert rehearsal in over a year since the pandemic quite literally shut everything down. You can check out the video here, but the Twitter post featured McGraw making his way back into the studio and affectionately greeting all of the individuals who help bring his shows to life.

Viewers watch McGraw enter the studio, bag over his shoulder. He then greets every single colleague and coworker on his way back to rehearse. He embraces numerous individuals, smiles radiant on both his and his companions’ faces. After such a tough year for artists used to collaborating with others and seeing new crowds all the time, a moment like this marks a special moment in McGraw’s long career.

Following that post, McGraw shared the Watershed clip. It only solidified the love for and importance of live country music for fans across the globe. McGraw appeared at the festival in Washington as one of its headliners and was joined by big-name country artists, Dierks Bentley and Thomas Rhett. Other artists who make appearances during the festival’s last night this Sunday include Blanco Brown, Hardy, and Jon Pardi.