WATCH: Tim McGraw Reacts to His Old Music Videos

by Hannah Heser

Have you ever wondered what artists have to say about their older songs? Well, country superstar Tim McGraw recently reacted to some of his on YouTube.

In the caption of the tweet, Tim McGraw said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve watched some of these music videos…. Holy mutton chops!! Check out the full reaction video on my @youtube channel.”

In the clip, you’ll find see Tim McGraw go through songs from Humble and Kind to She’s My Kind of Rain. It’s fun to look back on something and see how far you’ve come since then.

Tim McGraw Looks Back On His Older Hits

To start off the video, he introduces himself. “Hey, this is Tim and today I’m going to react to some of my old videos.”

As he starts watching the music video, he said, “I sound like a teenager. It’s been years since I’ve seen this. I mean, I can’t get over how young I sounded in it. I’m kinda glad my voice changed a little bit.”

Next, he transitions to the She’s My Kind of Rain song with the Dancehall Doctors. At first, he said, “Oh my God,” he chuckled. “This is me trying to be GQ. I got to sort of step out of the cowboy hat a little bit and wear some newsboy cap. I had a fashion thing going on, so I felt like I was cool for a little bit. Now looking back on it maybe I wasn’t so cool.”

Then, he looks back on the Humble and Kind music video and this song brings absolute joy.

“It’s one of those things that I don’t think belongs to me,” Tim McGraw said. “I feel like I’m the vessel that this came through. Every time I perform it live I see people’s reactions to it and how it touches people’s lives. It does the same thing to me.”

At the end of the video, he tells fans to let him know what other videos they want him to rewatch. “Because this wasn’t as painful as I thought, so I’ll try it again,” Tim McGraw said.

Fans Comment Nothing But Love For Tim’s Idea

Additionally, fans flood the comments with a lot of awe for these songs. With 1883 being Tim McGraw’s main priority, he hasn’t released any new songs lately. So, one fan asks him to post a clip of him singing one of his older songs.

“Mr. Tim McGraw. We are happy to see you. Can you please sing a segment of one of your songs next time? We want to see how great your voice sounds now!” they said.

Another user comments on how cool this idea is. “You are so cool. Love listening to you.”