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WATCH: Tim McGraw Reveals Story Behind Youngest Daughter Getting Cast in His New Music Video

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Country music star Tim McGraw revealed the story behind his latest video for “7500 OBO”. The singer’s youngest daughter, Audrey, starred in the video. It was released Friday, and the singer took to Twitter to share some insider info about how she was cast.

“You know, my girls are the light of my life. They’re the sweetest things in the world and I was just so proud of her,” McGraw says in the clip.

The country star also explained that the twist of the song is that it’s not about a young man’s truck, but rather a young woman’s truck – and Audrey plays the lead.

“The idea was pretty cool because when it came in…instead of it being about a guy and his truck, we made it about a teenage girl and her truck,” McGraw said.

McGraw said before Audrey was cast in the role he had to ask his number one.

“First of all, I asked the boss – my wife – and then I asked Audrey,” the star said laughing.

McGraw’s video for the single debuted this past Friday.

“That was one of the coolest things I’ve done, is just watch her in the video and watch her perform and act,” McGraw continued.

Tim McGraw Announces Daughter As Lead in Instagram Photo

Before the video was released, Tim McGraw shared a sweet photo on Instagram with his daughter. He announced her as the lead in the music video, promising candid interviews would follow its premier.

“Couldn’t be more thrilled to have my youngest daughter, Audrey, play the lead role in the music video for #7500OBO!!!” McGraw captioned the photo on Instagram. The two are seen smiling amid a backdrop of a dusty field and an old truck.

The youngest McGraw is 19-years-old and has recently done some modeling work, Tim McGraw said. When producers saw some photos of her, they immediately knew she’d be perfect for the part.

Additionally, the lyrics of the song are heartbreakingly perfect. Love and loss are depicted in this back-road tale about growing up. The scene is made even sweeter in that it can encapsulate a family moment.

“Cause every time I turn that key, I see her/ Shotgun ridin’ down a two lane road/ Just drivin’ around with no place to go, ah/ Singing along to ‘Where the Green Grass Grows/ Hands out the window, floatin’ on the breeze/ She’s fixin’ her lips in that dropdown mirror/That pretty little thing made it hard to steer/ I’m never gonna get her out of there,” the lyrics narrate.

The official video for the song is available to watch on Youtube via Tim McGraw’s VEVO channel. Bring the tissues, because it’s sure to cause the waterworks!