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WATCH: Tim McGraw Reveals the Vision Behind His New Song ‘Truth Is’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

Tim McGraw is encouraging the world to listen to some of his new music. Particularly, the country music superstar is wanting fans to hear the song “Truth Is.”

On Tuesday (April 20), the 53-year-old singer shared details about that song and the album on which it appears. That is the “Ultimate Edition” of McGraw’s “Here On Earth” album. The superstar talked about the song and the album via a video posted to his Twitter account on Tuesday.

“‘Truth Is’ is a story about a guy who’s lost his girlfriend,” McGraw said in the video. “She’s left him. And he’s going out … all the relationships you build up as a couple through a long time of dating or a long time of being married – when that relationship falls apart you start looking at all the other relationships that are involved in that relationship. Friends that you all have in common. … in the story, it talks about people asking about how’s so-and-so doing or what’s going on in you all’s world?”

You can watch the video of Tim McGraw talking about “Truth Is” below.

‘Truth Is’ by Tim McGraw Portrays How It Feels When a Relationship Comes to an End

The song also finds its protagonist in a position where he is wanting to keep some of the pain he is feeling to himself.

“And, the guy just doesn’t want to admit that she’s gone,” Tim McGraw said. “And, doesn’t want to have to go through the explanation of everything. So, he’s just saying – he’s telling her that everybody asks about you all the time, but the truth is, I don’t want them to know what the truth is. He doesn’t want to tell them.”

While “Truth Is” tells a story McGraw was interested in sharing, he also chose the song for its musical qualities.

“I think more, for me when I heard the record, was more about just not wanting to have to explain it as much as just not wanting to tell them,” McGraw said. “But, besides that … I like the idea of the melody of this song and being able to sing that melody.”

And, the sound of “Truth Is” fits in very well with how he wanted his “Here On Earth” album to sound.

McGraw Said He Had ‘Vision of What’ Album Should ‘Sound Like’

“I just had this vision of what I wanted this record to sound like when we went into the studio,” McGraw said. “So, sonically, I had a very strong idea for what I wanted this record to sound like. And, it’s one of the closest ones that really nailed exactly what I wanted for this record.”

In addition to talking about “Truth Is,” Tim McGraw also shared one factor he likes to put in play while recording songs.

“If anybody’s listened to my records for a long time, they know I love really long outros on songs … It creates thought, to me,” McGraw said. “… I like long outros because it gives you time to reflect on the lyrics that you just heard.”

The “Here On Earth” Ultimate Edition contains 24 tracks that fans will enjoy. You can listen to Tim McGraw sing “Truth Is” below. He gives a great performance on this sad country song.