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Watch: Tim McGraw Shares Video of His Family Dogs ‘Lovin Life’

by Halle Ames
(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Tim McGraw shares an adorable video on his Twitter account today of his two dogs “lovin life” as they fight over a stick. What a simple life that we also want to live. 

The country singer has two hunting dogs, but not any hunting dog. They are Bracco Italianos, which is a type of Italian Pointer. These beloved dogs also travel with McGraw on the road with him. 

According to the site, National Purebred Dog Day, McGraw originally got three Bracco Italianos named “Sicily,” “Palio,” and “Stromboli.” However, on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, he posted two dogs named “Caesar” and “Stromboli” as they happily play with a stick. 

Tim McGraw and Pups

The dogs carelessly trot around a wooded area as they share and fight over the stick. Stromboli is the white and darker chocolate spotted pooch, while Caesar is the tan and white dog that loses the battle for the branch. 

The family of five is obsessed with their beloved dogs, like most families. When now 22-year-old Maggie returned home from Stanford, pup Stromboli was more than excited to see his human. 

In an Instagram post from 36 weeks ago, McGraw shares a video of the bird dog howling with joy. 

“Stromboli is happy that Maggie is home from college!!!!! Video credit: DAD#italianbracco

In an interview with Kelly Clarkson, she asked about the artist’s precious canines. 

“He’s a glorified bird dog is what he is. He sings a lot better than me. I’m probably the worst singer in the house.”

Bracco Italiano

According to The Bracco Italiano Club Of America (BICA), “a Bracco Italiano is not a breed for all individuals and situations! If you are contemplating a Bracco Italiano as a breed for you or your family, we strongly encourage you to do your research. Whether our Braccos are family companions or active in a myriad of activities such as hunting, hunt tests & field trials, conformation, obedience, agility or therapy, all of us are ambassadors of the breed we hold dear.”