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WATCH: Tim McGraw Sings ‘Hotel California,’ Hangs with Buddies in Matching Tracksuits on Road Trip

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by James Gourley/WireImage)

Tim McGraw and his brothers are on a road trip to visit their uncle. So, as you’d expect, there’s a lot of singing going on in the car.

McGraw, the country star, posted a clip on Twitter. The song of choice? Eagles classic “Hotel California”.

“My brothers and I took a road trip to Napa to surprise our uncle Hank,” McGraw tweeted. He added that Faith Hill, his wife, bought McGraw and his two brothers the matching Adidas tracksuits.

Tim McGraw has two brothers, Mark and Matt. During the first part of his childhood, he thought he was an only child. But when he was 11, he learned that his mother had a brief affair with baseball star Tug McGraw.

His mother was in high school in Jacksonville, Fla. The elder McGraw was there playing minor league baseball. Tug McGraw finally acknowledged Tim as his son when Tim was 17.

Tim McGraw Loves His Uncle Hank, the Best Athlete of Family

And as part of his new family, Tim McGraw got two brothers and a sister, along with a couple of uncles. His uncle Hank is a fascinating character. That’s who they were going to visit in Napa.

Hank is the older brother of Tug. He’s also is a 78-year-old eclectic, free-spirited, aging hippy. Stories from family and friends suggest that Hank McGraw was the best athlete of the family. But he never moved past the minors, in part, because he wouldn’t compromise his beliefs. He wouldn’t cut his hair then. And these days, he sports a thick mustache.

Tim McGraw tweeted on Jan. 26 for his uncle’s 78th birthday: “Uncle Hank you have taught my daughters by example in how equality matters on all levels at all times.”

Hank McGraw was the star quarterback on the high school football team and catcher on the baseball team. In 1961, the New York Mets were still a year away from their premiere as an expansion team in the National League. The team signed Hank McGraw to a $15,000 contract. And Hank asked the Mets to give his little brother Tug a look.

Hank McGraw lasted a dozen years in the minors. He also has worked as a coach, a gold miner, and as an artist. He helped run his brother’s foundation. And in 2012, he represented Tug McGraw, who died in 2004, when the Mets officially celebrated their 50-years anniversary.

So, we’re betting that Tim McGraw and his brothers will have an entertaining visit with their uncle as soon as they get to Napa. Safe travels.