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WATCH: Tim McGraw, Tyler Hubbard Reveal How Collab ‘Undivided’ Was Made

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Erika Goldring/FilmMagic

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and Tim McGraw are teaming up for possibly one of the most timely collabs in music history.

Hubbard wrote the song, “Undivided” and shared it with McGraw. Now, the song will be featured on Tim McGraw’s deluxe edition album set to release in the spring called “Here on Earth.”

The two recently were on “The Bobby Bones Show” to talk about how the collab came to be, the meaning behind the song, and excitement for its future. The two will be performing the song at President-Elect Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration on January 20.

How Tyler Hubbard and Tim McGraw Joined Forces

Hubbard wrote the song while he was on his tour bus. When he finished the demo, he immediately texted it to Tim McGraw.

“Fortunately, Tim and I are buddies. I was fortunate enough to have his cell phone number so I decided to text him right away as soon as I finished the demo on the bus I was just so excited,” Hubbard said.

McGraw was on a road trip to Montana at the time. When he got to a gas station he downloaded the song and listened to it. He immediately loved the message and called Hubbard when he got back home to sort through everything else.

“It changed my attitude … it starts with looking in the mirror,” McGraw said.

From there, the hope-driven song inspired by recent events was born. Now two country icons will help deliver the message to Americans and others all around the world.


What is the Song About?

So, what is “Undivided” about? At its core: Hope.

“I feel like hope, related to this song as well as this time is all about loving each other and finding hope in humanity and hope in our country As the song says, letting God lead us and guide us … I personally find a lot of hope in that and I hope that this message through this song I hope that people can find hope through that as well,” Hubbard said.

For Tim McGraw, his hope is through his kids and the future. He wants the song to reach people and force them to have a new perspective on things.

“Hope for me is probably the single most important thing that we can instill in a child’s thought process and imagination cause it allows them to dream about what they can achieve in life and put that hope into action,” McGraw said.

Due to recent turmoil in the Capitol, there is reason to be nervous about performing at the inauguration. However, the two are mostly just feeling excited.

“Ever since we got the phone call I’ve been excited, probably more than any other performance … just the opportunity and the honor to spread that message of hope and love to the world,” Hubbard said.

The song came out at midnight today and is currently available for streaming.