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WATCH: Toby Keith Explains His Wife Tricia’s Passion for Golf, Becoming a Women’s Golf Advocate

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

While Toby Keith might be one of the biggest stars in country music over the past couple of decades, his wife’s passion takes her in another direction. When talking to Mike Flaskey of Diamond Resorts, Keith went into detail about his wife’s love for golf. Her love for the sport goes so deep, she even launched her own women’s golf clothing line. In a video interview, Toby Keith explains his and Tricia’s advocacy for women’s golf.

“We bought a country club back home in Norman,” Toby Keith says in the video interview with Mike Flaskey. “I really like the greens, I like the designer of it, I was playing it some and they were just letting it go. We ended up buying it, turned into a private course, a really nice course called Belmar.”

The course in Norman, Oklahoma has turned into one of the nicest in that region. Toby Keith and his wife, Tricia, have both begun to love the game of golf. Well, as much as you can love golf. Toby recently posted a video of himself on the driving range preparing for the celebrity tournament at the Diamond Resort LPGA Tournament of Champions. While his swing did not look too shabby, his song suggests otherwise.

Toby Keith Talks About Tricia’s Clothing Line

While Toby Keith may not brag about his own skills on the golf course, he won’t hesitate to brag on his wife, Tricia. As he explains, Tricia has become a huge advocate for women’s golf both in the LPGA and in college. Her clothing line, “Swing Dish,” has found a place in women’s golf all over the country.

“[Tricia] started playing golf around then,” Toby Keith said about when they bought and renovated Belmar. “She said the only thing she didn’t like is that women just wear a smaller version of men’s gear. We got to have a women’s design. She went and took my daughter, and they went and got a designer and started making their own women’s clothes.”

Swing Dish came out of this project of Toby Keith’s wife and daughter, and now the clothing brand has made its way into women’s golf at every level.

“Next thing you know, she’s got girls wearing it on the LPGA, she’s got girls wearing it on smaller tours, she’s in Dick’s Sporting Goods, she’s in Golf Galaxy. She’s also in about three or four hundred country clubs and on twenty-two hundred military bases. So she hosts her own NCAA college tournaments at Belmar. We will have sixteen teams there… and it has turned into one of the top NCAA women’s tournaments. So she’s a huge supporter and a tremendous ambassador for all that.”