WATCH: Trace Adkins Gives Emotional Performance of ‘You’re Gonna Miss This’ in Honor of ‘Today’ Star’s Departure

by Clayton Edwards

Last Friday was a bittersweet day for the hosts of Today. That was Joanne LaMarca’s last day on the show. LaMarca joined the show as an executive producer in 2019. However, now she is stepping down from the role in order to spend more time with her family. Trace Adkins, LaMarca’s favorite singer, helped to give her a proper send-off with a few impromptu lines of “You’re Gonna Miss This.”

Hoda started the farewell segment by telling the viewers, “We’re a little bumming today,” because of LaMarca’s departure. She added, “We love our JoJo,” before Jenna spoke up. “We’re going to get her to come over here. We had to pull her over here. She did not know this was happening,” Jenna explained as the camera focuses on LaMarca. Then, Hoda told the EP that they had a little surprise for her before introducing Trace Adkins.

The country star appeared on the show via video call. The host went on to explain why they called Adkins up to help them say goodbye to LaMarca. “Trace Adkins is one of Joanne’s all-time favorite singers. He actually sings one of her all-time favorite songs.” That song is Trace’s number-one hit from 2008, “You’re Gonna Miss This.”

The hosts explained how much their EP loves the song before asking Trace Adkins to sing a little bit of it for her. He was more than happy to lend his voice. So, he said, “This is for you, Joanne,” and sang a few lines of the song. There were some audio issues. However, that didn’t change how moved LaMarca was by the gesture. Check out the video below to see her reaction.

Trace Adkins Delivers An Emotional Sendoff

He only sang a few bars on the video call. However, it wasn’t the song’s final appearance on the show. They actually had something bigger planned. Before they got to that, though, Joanna explained to Trace Adkins how much, “You’re Gonna Miss This,” means to her.

“I am so grateful to you,” LaMarca told Trace Adkins, “because since my son was three years old, the first time I heard that song, I have changed the way I live. I try, with your lyrics, Trace, I try to change other people’s lives too.” In fact, the lyrics mean so much to her that she almost had them painted on her kitchen wall. She chose not to, though, because she was afraid that seeing them on the wall would make her cry every time she went into the room.

Then, they played a pre-made video of Trace Adkins and his band playing, “You’re Gonna Miss This,” with a video montage of Joanne’s time on the show. To make it even more impactful, they broadcast the segment in split-screen. So, the audience could see just how moved she was by the gesture.