WATCH: Trace Adkins Honors ‘Modern-Day Cowboys’ in ‘Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy’ Music Video Debut

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Jason Kempin/ Getty Images)

Trace Adkins reminds us that what you see isn’t always what you get with his new “Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy” music video debut. 

Country artist Trace Adkins released his new music video for “Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy,” which depicts what a “modern-day cowboy” looks like. 

Trace Adkins ‘Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy’

You don’t see people walking around with ten-gallon hats or big boots with spurs from the Wild West in 2020. 

As Adkins says in the song, “Ain’t riding off into the sunset, leaving what I love behind. Only silhouette smoke from a cigarette up against the western sky. In the bottom of the bottle, high in the saddle. Thinking I’m better off on my own. I’ve done enough cowboying to know. I ain’t that kind of cowboy.”

In the new video, it follows a day in the life of a Murfreesboro, Tennessee, family. Mr. Dailey doesn’t wear a pearl snap shirt or have a gun on his hip, however. He rocks a man-bun and earrings, has four adorable children and works for a small business, Dailey Tree Care. 

He resembles a cowboy in 2020, showing that it’s more of a lifestyle than a look. “Not all cowboys ride horses, but all cowboys have heart.”

Adkins loves the combination of the old and the new in the video and how it is authentic. 

“I love old westerns, and this song has western imagery throughout,” he says in an interview with CMT. “The directors had the idea of using the Dailey family to pay homage to the ‘modern-day’ cowboys. I loved how this video was shot from a technical standpoint, but the Dailey family is what brings life to the video. A real family, facing real-life issues, overcoming each challenge with grit, determination, and a whole lot of love.”

The 58-year-old Country singer released “Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy” in October, which also featured the songs “Better Off” and “Mind on Fishin.”