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WATCH: Trisha Yearwood Cooks Up Her Favorite Dishes With Garth Brooks While Taking Over ‘The Ellen Show’

by Katie Maloney
Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

Who wouldn’t want to cook with Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks?

Name a cuter country couple than Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks, we dare you! The couple once again went and raised our standards for relationships during their appearance on “The Ellen Show.” Both Yearwood and Brooks filled in as hosts on the show. During their appearances, they interviewed actor Matthew McConaughey via Zoom, talked about their love life, and cooked up some delicious treats in the kitchen. The entire show was filled with fun moments. But our favorite segment was definitely watching the country duo in the kitchen together.

“If you know my wife you know that she is an absolutely amazing cook,” said Brooks before hyping her new cookbook, “Trisha’s Kitchen.”

“She’s going to share a couple of recipes from the book, one of which I particularly love because your mama inspired it,” said Brooks.

Yearwood jumped in to explain that she was cooking a blueberry pancake cake, “a pancake on steroids.” Brooks tried to grab a piece from one of the plates but Yearwood hilariously (and gently) swatted him away. She said, ” You’re going to get to taste that in a minute.” Brooks then adorably follows all of Yearwood’s instructions as the two bake the delicious cakes together.

“It is time to eat yet?” asks Brooks after they mix all of their ingredients. “Yea, you can taste it,” replies Yearwood as the two of them reach for previously made cakes.

“So this is like breakfast at our house. This is how you would have a pancake,” says Yearwood to Brooks. The two praise their creations before quickly moving on to the next recipe.

The segment is filled with short moments during which you can really see Brooks and Yearwood’s love for each other. They laugh together, cheer each other on, snack together, and display pretty impressive teamwork skills. In conclusion, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are one again #couplesgoals.

Trisha Yearwood Said She Was ‘Born For Cooking In Quarantine’

After spending lots of time at home, Trisha Yearwood had plenty of time to experiment in the kitchen. And now we all get to benefit from her delicious hard work via her new cookbook. During an interview, Yearwood shared the inspiration behind her new recipes.

“I think I was really born for cooking in quarantine. Because I was raised on the theory that simple is better,” said Yearwood. “My pantry holds basics, staples that I use daily. So when we were faced with being home and not going to the grocery store, especially in the very beginning of the pandemic, I didn’t panic. I knew I could make meals out of what I had in my freezer. I always keep frozen ground beef, steaks, pizzas. And dried goods like pasta and canned sauces.”