WATCH: Utah Jazz Bear Mascot Perfectly Recreates Alan Jackson’s ‘Chattahoochee’ Music Video

by Jonathan Howard

When Alan Jackson is coming to town, what is an NBA mascot to do? Well, for the Utah Jazz mascot, Jazz Bear, you recreate scenes from Chattahoochee. The Jazz mascot took to the water to show off his skiing skills, and pay homage to the country music legend. Jackson is scheduled to perform at Vivint Arena Saturday, August 7th.

While Utah is not the place one thinks of when they think of country music. However, I don’t recall jazz music being very popular in Salt Lake City, either. That didn’t stop Jazz Bear from rocking a sweet cowboy hat, some cow print chaps, and then hitting the water on a pair of skis. Watching the mascot perform out on the water was actually quite impressive.

Mascots are known for doing all kinds are crazy stunts and tricks. During NBA games, Jazz Bear will dance, do pushups, and annoy some fans. Throwing t-shirts and popcorn are a usual affair for an NBA mascot. However, water skiing seems a bit like it isn’t in Jazz Bear’s job description. That didn’t stop the ursine mascot from strapping up and getting behind that boat and pretending to be Alan Jackson.

A quick look at Jazz Bear’s Instagram shows just how wild things get for the mascot. Riding a motorcycle, supporting the Jazz playoffs run, and more. The life of a mascot can be busier than people think.

Alan Jackson Coming to Utah

The most important thing besides how awesome it is seeing Jazz Bear in that video is Alan Jackson is coming to town. While the country star tours the west he will make stops in Tulsa, Milwaukee, Des Moines, and more in the coming weeks.

As part of this tour, Alan Jackson is promoting his latest album, Where Have You Gone. The album marks Jackson’s 18th studio release. With over 65 singles released and 52 music videos recorded, Jackson has been continued to be among the best in country music.

While the new album features some of that old Alan Jackson sound, the music is unique. An older man now, this is Jackson’s first studio album since 2015 when he released Angels and Alcohol. The album cover features Jackson walking down a bridge in Nashville as the city is laid out in front of him. Tracks such as Wishful Drinkin’ and Way Down In My Whiskey are classic sad country songs.

The album features some important songs for Alan Jackson and his family. You’ll Always Be My Baby was written for his daughters’ weddings while Where Her Heart Has Always Been was written for his mother’s funeral. That latter track features a recording of Jackson’s mother as well. Another wedding song, I Do, and a Merle Haggard tribute, That’s The Way Love Goes is also featured on the album.