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WATCH: Young Bombs and Darius Rucker’s ‘Wrong Side of Love’ Broken Down by Member Tristan Norton

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Young Bombs’ Tristan Norton is demonstrating how to put together a collaboration with a country artist. The dance-pop singer shared a hilarious video of creating “Wrong Side of Love” with Darius Rucker.

In the video, Norton is a musical chef mixing ingredients in a big pot of melodies, instruments, and a bit of Rucker for good measure. The artist breaks down the components of the song into their base elements. He adds a bit of piano, a “Johnny Cash-style” guitar, and also digital instruments together. Put all that together. And as a result, viewers are treated to Norton dancing while wearing a straw hat and overalls.

Young Bombs and Darius Rucker Released Their Song in October

Young Bombs and Rucker aren’t necessarily musicians you would expect a collaboration out of. For instance, Young Bombs has been making a steady career out of EDM and dance-pop. They started off making electronic remixes of artists like The Chainsmokers and also Lady Gaga. Meanwhile, Rucker seems mostly focused on country music these days.

But Rucker has never been one to toe genre lines. The singer started as the lead singer of the successful rock group Hootie and the Blowfish before finding equal success in country music. When he hit the scene in the late 2000s, Rucker had everything to prove.

Very few artists successfully cross genres. For instance, many think the less said about Garth Brooks’ alternative rock persona Chris Gaines the better. Rucker had some stiff competition from some pretty big names when entering into the country genre. However, he managed to carve a slice of country music fandom for himself.

Rucker and Young Bombs released “Wrong Side of Love” in late October. The song blends together aspects of both country and pop. In the catchy tune, Rucker sings of a lost love that left him for someone else. The song is featured on the Young Bombs’ latest EP.