WATCH: Zac Brown Band Remembers 2020 Memories ‘Amidst the Madness’

by Madison Miller

The Zac Brown Band is wishing people a happy end to their 2020 by recounting some of their favorite memories.

Despite the chaos of 2020, the band is trying to show people that there has been some positive in a whole lot of negative.

New Year’s Eve Recap Clip

They posted a compilation video on their Twitter with the caption, “A New Year is on the horizon, and no matter what 2021 brings, we’ll always be the band that loves you the most. Thanks for listening amidst the madness, we hope to see you soon! #HappyNewYear”

Mostly, however, Zac Brown Band wants people to know that they love them the most and are excited to see them in 2021. The lyrics of their hit song “The Man Who Loves You The Most” ring especially true for people just hoping to build new experiences in the new year. This song is the main event in the heartwarming clip from the band.

It’s clear releasing this song earlier this year meant a lot to the group. They had admitted it was a very personal song to them.

“I hope you see the seven wonders / I hope you sail the seven seas / I hope you let the whole world in your heart / But you still got room for me.”

Most of the clip is from May when John Krasinski had an episode of his “Some Good News” show. He had special guests Susan and John. They are a couple who proposed in the same way as Jim and Pam on “The Office.” They then got married on his show.

It also featured a fun compilation of his fellow “The Office” cast dancing.

According to CMT, the couple walked down the virtual aisle with all their family connected. They also had Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam, as the maid of honor. At the end of the aisle was Zac Brown and his new song, never-before-heard.

The entire group got emotional during the performance. In the end, Krasinski said, “That was amazing! Zac, thank you so much for doing that. I think you made me cry harder than anyone.”

Zac Brown Band has been keeping busy in the best way they could this year.

In addition to the livestream events, Zac Brown Band also performed their new song on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Key Zac Brown Band 2020 Memories

A giveaway that started earlier this year will end today. It was for a 2010 Indian Chief Vintage motorcycle with custom leather, a Powerplus 105cid engine, as well as front row seats at a future concert.

By entering the giveaway, individuals were aiding Brown’s Camp Southern Ground organization, which helps veterans.

To close out the year Zac Brown Band held several livestream concerts. One concert was on Dec. 27 and was called “Proud American Thank You.” It honored veterans and military personnel. It also brought proceeds to Camp Southern Ground.

Additionally, the group donated food to Atlanta’s struggling entertainment industry right before the holidays.

This year, the group has not released an album but has still been giving fans new music. They released “I’d Take Another One of Those” with Shenandoah, “You and Islands,” and “The Man Who Loves You The Most.”

The Zac Brown Band continues to be committed to fans, especially during these hard times.

At the end of his 2020 recap clip, Brown is heard saying, “Love you guys” to his fans.