WATCH: Zach Bryan Belts New Song in Studio, Teases Upcoming Album

by Lauren Boisvert

Zach Bryan, who just announced an American Run Tour ahead of his album release, recently shared a clip from the studio while he’s recording his debut album, “American Heartbreak,” due May 20. In the clip, Zach Bryan belts the new song “68 Fastback” while playing guitar. He writes in the caption, “an album recorded with nothing but a notebook and a microphone. can’t wait for y’all to hear it. Thank you always.”

Zach has been teasing the new album on social media, posting clips of the new songs on Twitter. “68 Fastback” is one of them; a song about an old car on the surface, but deeper down it’s an ode to things built strong and tough, that stand the test of time.

Other songs on the new album include “From Austin,” which has been released in full already, complete with a video. The song is about leaving Austin, Texas, and leaving behind a girl as well. “From Austin” reminisces on a summer spent in Texas with a local girl, and how he has to leave now and say goodbye. The speaker claims that it’s time for this girl to settle down with “a man who doesn’t move as quick / as trains rollin’ through town.” He gave all he had to this local Austin girl, and he feels like he has to leave before he ruins her; he wants something stable for her because he cares about her.

Zach Bryan has also shared snippets of other new songs, like “Open the Gate,” which is about riding bulls and proving your worth. The song paints a picture of the worried fiancée of a bull rider, fretting over him getting into the arena and risking his life just to prove he’s “better than my father was / and where he came from too.”

Zach Bryan Previews More New Songs on Social Media

Zach Bryan shared a clip of “Budweiser Heavy for the Road” at the behest of a fan; they asked if it would be on the album after he shared an acoustic version on TikTok previously. The clip is fast and calls to mind a raucous country jamboree. It also creates the image of a group of friends tearing down the highway, “drunk off their ass / singing in an old Bronco.” This is definitely going to be a fun one when the full song drops.

Bryan has also shared a bunch of untitled clips on Twitter. There’s one tweet of a video with Zach Bryan and his fiddle player performing in a kitchen. “When you go down hard / you come up swinging,” he sings. “Come Up Swinging” seems like a fitting title for this song. It’s a beautifully melancholy clip with the almost mournful fiddle and Zach Bryan’s smokey, slightly rough voice.

Additionally, he released a clip of a satirical take on country music, in particular, songs about Nashville. He posted that he was a little worried about this one, and that he felt his fans would “disown” him. But, fans seemed to love the humorous take on modern country music.

We’ve previously compiled all of the sneak peeks and previews that Zach Bryan has released so far of his album. So, if you’re interested in the rest of the snippets and tweets, check out the full story!