WATCH: Zach Bryan Song Preview About Tulsa Has Fans Losing Their Minds

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage)

Well, he’s done it again. Zach Bryan posted a clip of a new song and it has his fans going wild on Twitter. This tune is about Tulsa. The Oklahoma native has been posting clips and previews of various songs over the last few months it seems. Each time, country music fans feverishly take it in and put it on repeat. No matter if the clip is 20 seconds or a minute and a half.

Being from Oklahoma, he’s gotta have a song about Tulsa. Right? Well, it looks like he has one. While we won’t know if this song is on the album until it comes out, we have the tracklist to make a guess. Just judging from this 42-second clip below, I’d say this one isn’t on the upcoming album.

With his little three-man band, Bryan beats on the bass drum with his right foot and strums his guitar. Of course, he belts out the lyrics that he listed in the caption of the post.

[T]ake me back to Tulsa, where the times told true, and the sun does shine, on a lawn chair holding you take me back to Tulsa, where there’s a warm, warm light, radiating off a cheap smile, oh ma, I could die tonight.”

In the replies, there were all kinds of reactions. A lot of them basically said that Zach Bryan “doesn’t miss” with his new songs. Each one is good. That’s hard to argue against with this video being our latest piece of evidence.

“This album is the only thing that’s gonna get me [through] the rest of this year,” one fan replied.

“Why does your music have to be so good?” another fan asked. It’s a fair question.

So, what do y’all think, Outsiders? Another hit?

Zach Bryan Releases Tracklist and Another New Song

It was just earlier this week when Zach Bryan revealed his tracklist. Now, he’s already teasing another new song. It may or may not be on the album. However, it is going to be a tune that folks want to hear a completed track for. That tracklist is 32 songs long and includes all kinds of songs that he has teased and some that he hasn’t.

“Here’s an album I wrote with pain, laughter, humility, love, and honesty,” the singer said when he released the list. “I didn’t call it ‘American Heartbreak’ after a tacky love story, but because we all face trials every day and put ourselves back together every single time regardless. Whether in relationships or jobs, our families, our dreams, or our letdowns, I just wrote the whole thing praying someone just might relate to a story or two. I love you guys and I can’t wait for y’all to hear it.”

The connection that Bryan and his fans have is something else. He’s so active on social media and has made his own internet celebrity. The music is what draws folks in, but there are few artists that can connect to a fanbase like Zach Bryan.